HOSHIARPUR: It is high time that Panthic parties in Punjab Jointly chalk out some concrete program to solve the extra ordinary situation in Punjab. If Panthic organizations appeared to be working for a solution to the Punjab problem then the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) would help them said Kanshi Ram president of the BSP.

Kanshi Ram commenting on the Postelection period in Punjab said that neither the expectations of the People nor those of the boycotters had been fulfilled. But he said what had happened should not have happened at all.

He alleged that the union government had somehow managed to instill a puppet government in Punjab with the connivance of security forces. Poll boycotters he said had failed to provide any leadership or some worthwhile Program to the people in the postelection period in Punjab

Kanshi Ram said that now the ball was in the court of boycotts. But instead of hitting the ball they have moved applications for leave for eye treatment He ridiculed them for having failed to chalk out any future program.

Talking to ENS Kanshi Ram disclosed that the Akali Leaders had approached him for launching a Joint agitation in Punjab bot he would not help them because now the BSP would fight the government in the Assembly. However he said the Alkali’s who have no representation in the Lok Sabha or the Punjab Assembly should have launched an agitation.

He said the installation of the Beant Singh government has failed to make any qualitative change in the Punjab situation because it is following the old pater of the Center. Referring to the cell for formation of Khalsa Panchayats by the six antic organizations Kanshi Ram said that let them first spell cut their program. I they do good work for the people naturally they would win appreciation of the masses otherwise the people would reject them

Kashi Ram said that the (Congress) Tiriputi elections had proved that Narasimha Rao was on a weak wicket as out of 808 votes Arjun Singh had secured 403 votes.

By implication Arjun Singh should be the Congress (I) president because he got not only the: maximum votes but more than 50%.

Referring to the new economic policy he said that the Rao government had reversed the economic policies of the past 40 years started by Pandit Nehru and Smt Indira Gandhi.

Only time would tell that the changes made by the Delhi government under pressure from the World Bank IMF etc. would at all be beneficial for the country’s economy.

He hastened to say that he will comment on the new economic policy at the right moment a misfortune that even international human rights organizations had developed vested interests.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 8, 1996