NEW DELHI, India: The Union Minister for Programme Implementation Mr. A..B Ghani Khan Chaudhary has resigned following the indictment from the public accounts committee of Parliament for showing undue consideration to a private firm of Bombay when he was minister for Railways.

The report charged Mr. Chaudhari with causing loss to the exchequer to the tune of several lakhs of rupees and allowing the firm to grab railway land at Bharti Bander in Bombay in 1982 by ignoring the advice of railway Board in the matter of seeking legal action against the firm. Mr. Chaudhari, however, described the report as biased and hastily denied the charges leveled by P.A.C. in a letter addressed to the Prime Minister. The P.A.C. met later and discussed the explanation given by Chaudhari in his letter to the Prime Minister. Although the term of P.A.C. expired on April 30, it will be in office till new committee is elected. The relations between Chaudhari and Gandhi became strained during the period of election of State Assembly, when Chaudhari issued a statement at Malda which was highly critical of Gandhi and the election campaign of A.I.C.C, (1) in West Bengal. According to a copy of the report which was denied by Chaudhari, Mr. Gandhi pulled up Mr. Chaudhari for his insinuation. The Prime Minister was unhappy at his performance in the Rajya Sabha during question hour on Thursday when Mr. Gandhi was present in the Honce

Habib Mavor Raps Indian Hypocrisy

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Mr. Habib Mayor, the Chairman of an organization of the Afghan community characterized the rulers of India as full of bigotry and hypocricy. He charged them of wearing a human mask to hide their very strong idolatrous zeal. He also charged them of their ant minority play, barbarian treatment and suppression of Sikh rights and the bra: 1 backing of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan as glaring examples of their bi go try. Mr. Mayor expressed these

Views in a letter addressed to Sikh Muslim Friends chin Society.

Article extracted from this publication >>  May 8, 1987