Dear Editor:

When I read the news that Harjinder Singh Jinda had been freed by Sikh freedom fighters, I was apprehensive about this report, because sometimes back some other freedom fighters were also reported rescued by their companions. Few weeks later the Indian government reported that their bodies had been recovered.

Sadly my fears had come true when I read that Sardar Jinda’s body has been found. All along I had smelled a foul play by the Indian government and suspected it to be a planned escape and murder strategy to kill Sikh young men as it is being done in fake encounters. To verify my suspicion I managed to get in touch

with some of my relatives who are serving in the Indian police force. I was shocked to learn that the practice of murdering prisoners who are not to be prosecuted is not new. Sikh prisoners are being killed in mysterious ways and don’t be surprised to read if more such “rescues” are reported along with their escape to Pakistan and the fact will be that their bodies will never surface.

The blood thirsty Hindu government has thousands of Sikh prisoners, “men of conscience” in their jails I wonder how many more are going to be murdered or have become victims of chemical warfare, only to die slowly with drugs administered to them.

Is it not time for each and every SIKD to Snare the MOla! OOMEANOU to stand by the fellow Sikhs! Do your civic duty by writing to your Congressmen, Senators and religious leaders about the plight of these political’ prisoners? Is it not time to expose the murderous Indian government? If we fail to do share, we are all equally guilty ( encouraging criminal acts against our fellow Sikhs (an un Sikh like behavior). So please do your share in alleviating the suffering of Sikhs in Hindu jails. Yours Sincerely Santa Barbara, Ca. P.S.: Please do not publish my name as [fear reprisals against my family member serving in Indian police, Thank You.

Article extracted from this publication >>  May 8, 1987