Q. Why are Sikhs insisting on Khalistan when they can have an honorable status within the frame work of the Indian constitution?

Ram Avtar Yadav, Detriot.

A. We wish person like you could influence your community and make it accept Sikhs as equal citizens. Sikhs have been punished to a point where they find no other honorable alternative to Khalistan. Now you can blame your own community and not the Sikhs.

Q. What is it that man prizes the most?

Ajit Singh Kanwar, San Jose.

A. Freedom.

Q. Do you think any foreign power would stand up for the Sikh cause?

Dalip S. Rana, Reno.

A. God helps those who help themselves; and powers, foreign or domestic, respond to the language of power only.

Q. Government of India has again resorted to its old practice of blaming Sikhs for violence. Comment?

Ram Singh, Chicago.

A. Gov’t can fool some people for some time but it cannot fool all the people all the time.

Q. Money makes the mare go. What makes the Indian government go?

Daljit Singh, Prince Rupert, Canada

A. Amare’s kick.

Q. Define ‘appearance’ and ‘reality.’


A. Appearance: ‘‘We went in with prayers on our lips and reverence in our hearts.”

Reality: ‘‘Take no prisoners — finish all including women and children. Let there be no witnesses.”’

Article extracted from this publication >> May 24, 1985