WSO views the recent happenings in India very seriously; once again Government of India is perusing the policy to subscribe all that is negative to tarnish the image of the Sikhs.

In general, media and press is Government of India, which is giving completely biased news to the rest of the world.

The province of Punjab (The Homeland of Sikhs) is still sealed to the foreign media.

Our information sources from India do not agree with Indian government’s propaganda against the Sikhs. Why any Sikh would plant and ignite bombs in the recreational parks and public transport terminals in Delhi where more than 40% of the populations of the city are Sikhs?

The killing of untouchables and Muslims in most recent riots in Gujarat is another example of India’s way of exterminating minorities.

It would appear that this new wave of adverse propaganda against Sikhs is designed to win Hindu support so that they can once again massacre the Sikhs, just like they did last November outside Punjab and since last June inside Punjab.

We will welcome an independent inquiry into last two to three years by an acceptable number of delegates from the UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION into these happenings.

This is an early warning and a caution to the free and democratic world that another large scale POGROM of the Sikhs may be in the offing.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 24, 1985