Gurinder Singh Grewal, M.D.

The first battle for Khalistan was fought by a handful of soldiers of Dashmesh Regiment against the Indian Army at the Golden Temple, Sikhism’s holiest shrine at Amritsar. They sacrificed their lives so that Sikhism should survive and did a marvelous job.

The second battle for Khalistan was fought outside the Punjab, in Delhi and other Indian cities. Thousands of unarmed peace loving Sikh men, women and children were killed by Hindu mobs with the help of Indian police, army and government functionaries.

Now the question uppermost in every Sikh mind is, where and when the decisive third battle for Khalistan will be fought. A student of history can very well predict that the battle will take place in the immediate near future because of the following reasons. Brahmanism is the name used by historians to identify exploiters and their creed. It may be defined as a system of socioreligious domination and exploitation by the Brahmins based on caste, priest craft and a retrograde philosophy. With the passage of time Brahmanism has been identified with what is loosely termed as Hinduism. Every new religion or reform movement was assimilated back into Hinduism either through force or fraud. Buddhist monasteries were demolished, monks were banished and books were burnt. Muslims and Sikhs believe in equality and strike at the very root of Hinduism. Hinduism has been successful in dividing the Muslims into two countries and later practically rendering the Indian Muslims economically and politically powerless. In fact Hindu press has been falsely proclaiming that they are embracing Hinduism.

Because of the fundamental difference between Hindu and Sikh philosophy majority community will not rest till they eliminate or annihilate the Sikhs. Sikhism has gained strength with every sacrifice and Sikhs cannot accept giving up their identity. Sikhs have tried their best to avoid confrontation by raising small demands indicating that they are unhappy. But rulers in Delhi belong to a strong club run by a very powerful organization committed to Indication of everything.

Now after the operations “Blue Star” and “Blue fish,” Sikhs are asking “Where do we go from here?” Over 90% of the Sikhs are now convinced that there is no way they can live with the majority community. The basic trust between the two nations has been destroyed. On the other hand Indian government is determined to teach Sikhs a lesson. Third Battle for Khalistan is inevitable. Where the third battle will take place is not difficult to imagine. All of present Punjab will be engulfed in it. The Sikh nation will have to sacrifice hundreds and thousands of lives. There is no question about the final outcome. Sikhs will be able to attain freedom and be their own masters. There is a large Sikh community outside India that feels very much disturbed by the current events. However they cannot be silent witnesses to the grim drama. While their brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, nephews and nieces will be sacrificing their lives to save Sikhism from extinction their conscience will not allow them to sit and watch. Sikhs outside in large numbers will not be able to return there and join hands with fellow Sikhs. However, they can play a major role in the coming events. Following suggestions may help the Sikh community outside India:

1) Sikhs must not get discouraged as government is not yet discouraged with Sikhs. There are more Amritdhari Sikhs now than before the operation Blue Star and many more are taking Amrit

2) Individually we are smart, prosperous and successful. Collectively we have been very poor and foolish. For God’s sake let us learn to work together and try to identify ourselves with Khalsa Panth rather than individuals.

3) At present we should give up all our differences and all the Amritdhari’s, Sehajdhari’s and other shades of Sikhs must join hands together and be one. Do not think of non amritdhari’s as second class Sikhs. With Guru’s blessing and your prayer’s they will all join Khalsa panth. The majority community in India treats you all as same, so be one once for all.

4) Practice Dasvand. All Sikhs must contribute 10% of their earnings towards Sikhism. Choose the organizations or persons you can work with closely. Don’t wait for somebody to knock at your door.

5) Join under one umbrella and make W.S.O. stronger.

6) Present Akali leadership has failed to deliver the goods. We should encourage our youth to come forward and participate in shaping our future. Sikh youth has proved that they can lead. We still have several Bhai Amrik Singhs among us.

7) All Sikhs should participate actively in their Gurdwaras. Don’t leave it to somebody else. Learn Guru Granth Sahib and do not hesitate to perform the ceremonies yourself.

8) Sikhs must have a strong voice (press) to communicate among themselves through newspapers and magazines and also to protect their news to others. World Sikh News is doing an excellent job. We must support it. Encourage all Sikhs to subscribe to it to make it even better and stronger.

9) Sikh children must be told about their origin, customs and culture to keep them morally and spiritually strong.

10) We must keep up the Sikh image in Western society as that of Saint Soldiers. Sikhs believe in free enterprise and religious freedom. We must convey our true picture to our friends and colleagues in the Western countries to win their support for our cause.

11) Any society can be divided into three classes; the few who make things happen, the many who watch things happen; and the overwhelming majorities who have no idea of what happens. I make an appeal to Sikh youth to be in the first category.

12) We must incorporate the following verse in our prayers in full form.

Dilli Takht per bahegi, aap Guruki fauj

Chattar phirega sis paar, barhi Karegi Mauj.

Raj Karega Khalsa, aaki rahe na koye

Khwar hoye sab milenge,

bache saran jo hoye,

Khalsa ji third battle for Khalistan is not too far away, be prepared this time so that we are not caught by surprise.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 31, 1985