Stockton, CA — The forthcoming budget session of the U.S.A. wing of World Sikh Organization will be held here during the Labor Day Weekend August 31September 1, 1985 as per the communication received in the office of the World Sikh News.

President Ganga Singh Dhillon has circulated a draft outline of the various task forces that he would like to create for furthering and streamlining different projects and objectives of the WSO. He has proposed the creation four major task forces, namely, Interreligious Task Force; Media Action Task Force; Community Action Task Force and The Sikh Census Task Force. Each force will have a well-defined objective, organization and field of activity.

The budget session will also be the first formal meeting of the National Council of WSOUSA which came into being at the National Convention of U.S. delegates held on June 2324, 1985 at the Merriott Inn, Berkeley California.

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 30, 1985