NEW DELHI INDIA: At least 11 people have died in New Delhi from cholera after drinking contaminated water during heavy Monsoon Rains in the last two weeks, a senior municipal official said on Friday.

The deaths were recorded in five Hospitals since the first substantial downpour in the Indian Capital on June 29, the death toll could be higher, and health official S.S. Sarkar said.

Indian Newspapers on Friday reported as many as 30 people had died up to Thursday, but Sarkar could not confirm this. The five hospitals had recorded 41 cholera cases and nearly 1,000 Cases of gastroenteritis, He said.

Sarkar gave no comparative figures but said the number of cases this year was definitely higher than last year when much of India suffered from drought

NEW DELHI, INDIA: The nonaligned movement will send an envoy to meet all parties involved in the Kampuchea conflict, an Indian external affairs ministry spokesman said on Monday.

The spokesman said the decision to send the envoy was taken at a two day meeting in new Delhi waver the weekend.

He said the meeting was chaired a permanent secretary in the Zimbabwe ministry of external affairs, E, K, mashingaidze, and attended by officials from Cuba, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Article extracted from this publication >> July 22, 1988