The World Sikh Organization (WSO) was founded on July 28, 1984, a congregation of about 5,000 Sikhs from all over the World gathered at New York. The Constitution was finalized on January 13, 1985, at Los Angeles. The preamble of Constitution stated the objective: “To preserve, promote and uphold the doctrines and principles of the Sikh religion and commit to conduct our business in a manner in keeping with Sikh practices and tradition, with Sewa (selfless service) as our motto so that all of humanity may benefit”.

With such noble motto in mind thousands of Sikhs are contributing their time, effort and money to protect noble Sikh principles. A brief account of collective effort is given below:

  1. Formation of a Worldwide Sikh organization in itself is a great accomplishment to raise strong voice to defend Sikhism.
  2. Political leaders have been contacted all over the world to present the Sikh cause and genocide against Sikhs.
  3. Human Rights Organizations such as Amnesty International have been informed and successfully obtained public statements condemning violations of human rights and oppression of Sikhs in India.
  4. Media has been made aware of facts of holocaust against Sikhs in India although Punjab is still a blackout area for international press.
  5. The literature related to Sikh oppression, which was banned in India has been reproduced and distributed in the West.
  6. Video and audio tapes have been prepared stating the Sikh cause as narrated by World religious organizations.
  7. The Sikh victims of violence were provided with timely aid through civic organizations.
  8. Demonstrations have been held in the large cities of the world, U.N.O. headquarters to protest Sikh plight in India.
  9. W.S.O. is working with freedom fighting organizations such as Afghans to be mutually helpful.
  10. Press conferences, radio talk shows, and press releases have been handled promptly whenever Gandhi government violated human rights.
  11. A trust fund has been established.
  12. The Sikh legal defense fund has been established to help the innocent Sikhs.
  13. Sikh Memorial Calendar has been published depicting armed attack on the Golden Temple Complex by the Indian government in 1984.
  14. Community Services: World Sikh Organization members are always available in case of help is needed. Please call your local representative for help or write:

P.O. Box 16635, Irvine, Ca. 92713

There are too numerous activities which are not listed here and names are not mentioned. All the efforts of contributors are highly appreciated.

We are requesting Sikhs all over the world to write their activities and accomplishments so that Sikh community is aware of work being done for the Sikh cause. World Sikh Organizations an umbrella organization and willing to assist any Sikh organization working towards Sikh glory and Sikh cause. Individual names are not mentioned because this organization is dedicated to the Sikh Panth, not to any individual.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 29, 1988