World Sikh Organization (international) appeals to the Sikhs settled all over the world to stage a week long sit-in demonstration in front of the Indian Consulate offices to register their protest against the brutalities and the reign of terror let loose against the Sikh’s in India and also to register their anguish over the death sentences to the Sikh heroes S. Satwant Singh and S. Kehar Singh, who executed a communal maniac Indira Gandhi, for destroying their holiest religious shrine and for massacring thousands of innocent Sikh pilgrims including women, children and the old


W.S.O. (U.S.A.) has decided to organize A Weeklong Sit-in Protests in front of offices of Indian Consulate at San Francisco, New York and Chicago

Simultaneously from


to Friday ie.,

12 Dee. to 16 Dec. 1988

W.S.O. (U.S.A.) appeals to all other Sikh organizations who are committed to the establishment of Khalistan to join hands to present a united stand on this issue

The W.S.O. will announce the modalities of the program in the next issue of the World Sikh News after consultations with other organizations.

For further information Please call 209-473-7467

Gian Singh Sandhu President

W.S.O. (nternational) 965 Boundary Street

Williams tae: B.C. V26 4CS 604-324-2298

Gurcharan Singh Dhillon President

W.S.0O. (U.S.A.)

P.O. Box 70273

Stockton, CA 95207 209-473-7467

Article extracted from this publication >> December 9, 1988