GURDASPUR: The Students of local LT.I and Govt College went on strike on Thursday to protest against the killing of Sikh Students at Bidar. A spokesman of the Students demanded a thorough probe and an example punishment to the guilty.

In the continued statewide protest against the Bidar incident AISSF led students observed strike and organised rallies in some institutions to register their anguish and shock against these horrible killings at Bidar.

Dr. Rajinder Kaur president of Akali Dal expressed her anguish over the recent killings of Sikh Students at Bidar (Karnataka). She said that it has revived the memory of 1984 holocaust against Sikhs.

Dr. Kaur declared that she was horrified that the killings continued for two days but the police kept on watching without taking any action. She also called upon the Akali leaders to unite on this issue and visit the place of incident to persue the cases against the killers and to restore the confidence of the students and the Sikhs of that area.

Meanwhile surprisingly no leader of the major political party has reacted to this horrible massacre of the Sikhs at Bidar. Only a few Akali leaders issued statements critical of state and central governments, The Punjab Human Rights Organisation has decided to send Justice Ajit Singh Bains the chairman to Bidar for on the spot enquiry.

Mr. Ishar Singh “Lang” general secretary of the local gurdwaras coordination committee has said that facts of the Bidar incidents are being revealed gradually. One could easily conclude that the incident was in no way less than the holocaust of 1984, it was in fact the repetition of it.

Mr. Lang said that it was said that the news of the Bidar incident had not been allowed to be broadcast on AIR and television for four days. He showed his anguish that nothing has been done to bring the culprits to book.

The Sikh Lawyers Association has condemned the killings of Sikh Students at Bidar. Mr. D.S. Gill the secretary of the Association demanded resignation of Karnatka and central government for their failure to control the situation.

The horrible news of the massacre of the Sikh Students of Guru Nanak Engineering Bidar (Karnataka) which sent a wave of anguish and shock is still continuing at the boiling point. The students all over the state are continuing the boycott of their classes and are demonstrating angrily against this act of heinous crime.

Our special correspondent adds that the students of Dhudhike Ferozepur Faridkot Kotkapura and Rode observed complete strike on the fourth consecutive day to protest against riots in which six students were killed at Bidar in Karnatka and a large number of students were: injured. A call for strike was given by the convenor of AISSF Bhai Daljit Singh. The students organised rallies in their respective colleges, which were addressed by Bhai Naib Singh, president of the district unit of AISSF.

He said if the government of India had punished the culprits of Delhi Holocaust against Sikhs in 1984 this incident would not have occurred. He appealed to the members of the AISSF and Sikhs of the other states to face this challenge with courage and patience. CHANDIGARH: Our special correspondent adds from Chandigarh that out of six Sikh Students of Guru Nanak Engineering College, Bidar, who were massacred by the Hindu mobs, four boys have been identified. They are Onkar Singh Dhaliwal from Gurdaspur district, Jasbir Singh Anand of Kurukshetra UpkarSingh of Amritsar and a son of S. Mohinder Singh contractor of Delhi. The efforts to get the names of other two victims are continuing.

It is also learnt that the Bhog of Sri Guru Granth Sahib will be performed on October 2, 1988 at Bidar and Ardas will be performed for the peace of the departed souls.

These brilliant young Sikhs were murdered simply because of their religion. World Sikh News would like to humbly appeal to all the Sikhs in USA and Canada to perform special prayers for the peace of these Shaheeds and send protest letters to International Human Rights Organisations.

Article extracted from this publication >> September 30, 1988