Ludhiana__ January 26. Two unidentified scooter riders fired at and wounded a college teacher near the railway station here in broad daylight. They escaped after hitting the teacher. The authorities refused to immediately comment upon the incident. The teacher was removed to the hospital. As usual there were number of versions regarding the motive behind the attack. Some sources described it as personal vendetta while others habitually pointed their accusing fingers to what they term as extremists. Police is vigorously hunting for the assailants. Hoshiarpu January 26: Eleven persons were injured and one reportedly killed when unknown motorcyclists opened fire here in a crowded place. The assailants escaped after the attack.

Hoshiarpur town had generally remained peaceful after the Army occupation. Army was initially able to bring about a surface calm but the growing incidents of violence like the rescue of four under trials from a bus, wounding of Akal Takht Chief and his two aides and now the republic day shoot outs point to the loosening grip of the army. Army presence if continued beyond a reasonable time becomes irritating and often provokes violence. Even law-abiding citizens begin to grow weary of the unwelcome Khakiclad hotheads vulgarly displaying and haughtily exercising their temporary authority.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 1, 1985