CHANDIGARH, India: Three freedom fightersanda Police constable were killed, one body: Was recovered while the security forces arrested one suspect and a dozen harborers of freedom fightersin the past twenty four hours in Punjab. Three freedom fighters were killed in two Separate encounters with security forces. According to official sourc€s, two freedom fighters opened fire on security forces near Gobindpur in Jullundur district. In the exchange of fire both were killed, whereas their identity could not be established.

The second encounter took place in Faridkot district in which one freedom fighter was killed while his associate managed to escape. The report from Jullundur said that police recovered one rifle, one shot gun, BBL guns and revolvers besides twenty rounds of ammunition after the encounter with two scooter biome freedom fighters who were killed near the Gobindpur gate. The scooter was also recovered from the site. The freedom fighters were coming from the direction of Kot Kapura village when they opened fire which was returned by the police resulting in the killing of two freedom fighters.

Another freedom fighter was killed in an encounter with the police near Kot Kapura in Faridkot district when police signalled to stop, the freedom fighters allegedly opened fire which was returned by the police resulting in killing one person.

A report from Gurdaspur police sources said Constable Virinder Singh was killed by some unknown persons in Dharampur Bagga village near Batala police station. He was working in a field. However, the Gurdaspur Police Chief said that killing was not related to any political activity.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 3, 1987