Rahul: Daddy?

Rajiv: Yes, son.

Rahul: Are Sikhs the favored sons of India?

Rajiv: Yes, son, they hold high positions in our government.

Rahul: And our President is a Sikh.

Rajiv: Sort of

Rahul: Sikhs are only two percent of our population but form ten percent of our army.

Rajiv: Precisely, son, you are so bright. I am proud of you.

Rahul: Daddy?

Rajiv: Goon, son.

Rahul: Are we the most favored sons of India?

Rajiv: Why do you say that, son?

Rahul: Because Brahmins are only three percent of India’s population but hold 90% of all government and administrative jobs.

Rajiv: I won’t like you to publicize that, son.

Rahul: I am sorry, dad.

Rajiv: I still love you, son.

Rahul: I love you too, dad.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 8, 1985