By Ranbir Singh Sekhon

The enemy I had defeated was the one I could see

With great sacrifice victory was meant to be free

As I lay down to enjoy the sweet success of mine

Little did I know about the faceless foe of time

Sweet sweet dreams he had wished me bye

Hindu Hindi Hindustan was his lullaby.

The noise of his melody I could not stand

only to wake up in the Hindu land

Bewildered, I inquired about my homeland.

The voice replied, the rules have changed.

You are a Hindu too, don’t you understand

It was all along a Hindu game plan.

With rules changed my rights stripped Hindus had framed a constitution,

Where a Sikh could not fit

He proved his point by enacting a Hindu act To protect Sikh rights we never had a pact In India Sikhs are claimed to be a Hindu sect Hindus have inflicted a wound so deep inside This is the price for the Sikh’s sacrifice

My tenets are different my identity distinct

All along the Hindu has wanted me to look like him Hindu, the faceless foe, is hard to admit

He had me fooled with his knaving wit

He acted meek and pretended weak

You are my brother he often did claim

But it was meant for a personal gain

Under the facade of brotherhood

He went on to destroy whatever he could

He made his enemies appear like mine

How he made this move boggles my mind

The act of his bigtory is hard to bear

His devious moves are crystal clear

Who is this faceless foe will be told

As the pages of the history unfold

The enemy of the Sikhs must be exposed

Lest Sikhs should be brought into the Hindu folds

At last! Hindu, the faceless foe, is faceless no more

Article extracted from this publication >> June 3, 1988