CHANDIGARH: Evidence before the Central Bureau of Investigation, which is inquiring into the Beant Singh assassination case, indicates serious security lapse which may have helped the” “human bomb” to execute his plan of action at the Civil Secretariat on August 31.

Minutes before former Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh came down from his office at the Secretariat, a posse of the Punjab Police commandos, deputed to provide static security cover at the gate, was asked 10 move to another site by a senior police officer who was off duty, This left a critical gap, which allowed the suicide bomber, Dilawar Singh, to come close to the car of the former CM and trigger the improvised explosive device (LED) strapped to his waist. The blast at the VIP gate killed Beant Singh and 17 others, including the assassin.

This is among the disturbing aspects which emerge from a close perusal of the charge sheet filed by the CBI,

Article extracted from this publication >> December 22, 1995