WASHINGTON: More taxpayers this year will receive a postcard from the Internal Revenue Service rather than return forms and instruction booklets.

The agency is expanding an existing program that’s been around for at least 10 years, IRS spokesman Steve Pyrek said.

Last tax season, 22 million taxpayers who had used a professional preparer the previous year and had filed from 1040 along with complicated schedules and ancillary forms received a postcard with a mailing label and were instructed to take the label to their preparer.

That saves printing and distribution costs, Pyrek said. That’s because most paid preparers use their own forms and simply throw away the forms and instructions sent to their clients.

This tax season, 33 million taxpayers will receive trifold or fourfold postcard with mailing labels and a return postcard in case they want to order forms and instructions.

The program’s been expanded 10 include anyone who paid a preparer to complete Form 1040, not just those attaching complicated schedules.

Article extracted from this publication >> December 22, 1995