HAWKINS, Texas: SIFE Students In Free Enterprise, Jarvis Christian College, Hawkins, Texas, had a successful GET-ACQUAINTED LUNCHEON with the members of Business Advisory Board on November 19, 1987, The Faculty, Staff of the Division of Business Administration, Administrators, Business Advisory Board Members, SIFE Members and Officers attended the luncheon: After introducing everyone in the group, SIFE members presented their Budget and Projects plan for the approval and comment of the whole group. ‘The SIFE members also showed ‘a documentary of the International Expo1987, held at Memphis, Tennessee in May, 1987, after viewing the movie and enjoying the luncheon, all! Of the members of the group commended the SIFE members, especially their advisor, for providing commendable leadership to the youth and developing such constructive projects. They also commended the members of SIFE for promoting positive attitudes.

Dr. Charles A. Berry, President _ of Jarvis Chnistian College, appreciated the numbers of SIFE for promoting constructive leadership among the youth. The Honorable Thomas D. Sexton, Mayor of the City of Hawkins, repeated his promise to keep on Supporting Free Enterprise and SIFE at Jarvis Christian ‘College. He emphasized the role of leadership provided by SIFE, and he remarked that although there are obstacles, accept the challenge, and keep on moving because Justice will prevail. Dr. L.B. Holmes, Chairperson of the Division of Business Administration, praised the SIFE members, Officers, and their advisor for a job well done. She remarked SIFE is a fine organization for promoting Free Enterprise and providing leadership in developing educational “programs.

Pritpal Singh Chatha, Advisor and SIFE fellow students, brought to the attention of the group, the content of the recent letter from Mr. Andrew W. Hogwood, Jr., Assistant Vice-president, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, showing interest in SIFE and a promise of some help. He also thanked the Business Advisory Board Members, Honorable Thomas D. Sexton, Honorable Raymond Robertson, Justice of the Peace, Mr. Jeff Karlson, and Mrs. Mathews, members of administration, Dr. Charles A. Berry, President, Dr. Lee R. Hensley, Academic Dean, Mr. Autrey Acrey, Associate Dean, Mr. D.L. Brooks, and Mr. John Chadwell along with the faculty and staff for their cooperation, encouragement and moral support in making the program successful.

Professor Chatha also thanked all SIFE officers and members, especially Ronald C. Bell, Joanner Hawkins, Roy Witcher, LaWanda Harrell, and Valerie Johnson for a Job well done.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 1, 1988