PEKING, Reuter: World Table Tennis Champion He Zhili, dropped from China’s Women’s Olympic Team amid a national favour over match rigging, has threatened to quit the sport unless allowed to compete if Seoul,

The outspoken he who has said national selectors are punishing her for refusing to “throw” matches to teammates, will retire if not included in the three woman team 10 be announced next week, the latest issue of Shanghai’s Life Weekly said.

“If I am not named for the Olympics then I’ll have no alternative but to leave Table Tennis forever,” the paper quoted the World Champion as saying.

“As the world number one, I have all the qualifications to go to the Olympics, Iam bitter at losing the chance.

“I am not acting impulsively, every Athlete Cherishes her sporting days and how can one not take up a challenge during that period?”

Article extracted from this publication >> September 2, 1988