CHEJU ISLAND, SOUTH KOREA, Reuter: The Olympic flame that will burn at the 24th Olympic Games in Seoul 111qh arrived in South Korea from Greece on Saturday.

“This is an historic day,” said Seoul Olympic Organizing committee President Park She Jik at Cheju airport where the flame arrived.

“The curtain is finally rising on a modern Olympics that will bring East and West together in peace, friendship and understanding.”

The flame, lit from the sun’s rays at the Temple of Hera in Olympic on Tuesday, was encased in a cylindrical lamp and flown in a chartered in a chartered Korean air lines plane to the southernmost island,

Brazil’s (Soccer) Trainer Bows to Players Ahead of Olympics RIO DE JANEIRO, Renter: Brazil’s Olympic Soccer Coach has bowed to pressure from three players wanting (o join their European clubs ahead ‘of the Olympic Games.

Coach Carlos Alberto Silva said on Thursday he had agreed to release the players until September 8 nine days before the Olympics — after midfielder Andrade appealed to be allowed to join his new Italian Cluby Roma and still play for Brazil in Seoul.

‘With less than a month to go before the Olympics, Brazils Soccer Squad has fallen into disarray with key payers openly squabbling with the country’s football federation (CBF).

Silva said on Wednesday he was close to quitting as he was tired of acting as a go between in the various disputes,

Article extracted from this publication >> September 2, 1988