HARBAJHAN SINGH GILL of Yuba City, rightly be called as Udham Singh (an Olympic hockey player who is still an active player at the age of 52) of the soccer game. At the age of 49, Gill still provides thrilling occasions and the joy of the artistry of the soccer game in every tournament.

Harbajhan Singh Gill is the product of V. Kharar Achharwal, a nursery of soccer and production centre for seven national and international players. Mahilpur area where his village is situated is calleld the Mecca of Soccer. This village has the distinction of providing Manjit (now with PSEB) and Gurdev (Punjab police) to the national soccer team for different international competitions.

Mr. Gill made his presence felt on soccer field at a very early age. But he made his first class debut through Heroes Club Ambala when this club was at the top under their coach, Mr. Chatterji. In fact, Mr. Gill owes his skills and techniques to Mr. Chatterji, the famous architect of the club.

Gill migrated to England in 1962. He became one of the few Indian players to represent Bradford City Soccer Club in third division football league championship. Unfortunately his success was cut short by a fracture of his leg.

Harbajhan took another jump in life and shifted to U.S.A. in Dec. 76, selected Yuba City to fulfill his long desire to create another Kharar Achharwal in U.S.A. Here his sincere efforts bore fruit and was successful in making of new stars on the soccer horizon. He organized various coaching camps for the soccer game with the help of county education department. His untiring efforts and sincere devotion bore fruit. Some top soccer stars including Jaspal Sodhi, Toni Dhillon, Jasuir Bains, Baldev Johal, Jasuir Sidhu, Scott Bradley, Amrik Atwal, and Scot Ross owe their skills of the game to Mr. Gill.

Besides being a soccer player, a coach and the promoter of the game, Mr. Gill is working as insurance agent to earn his bread and butter. His four daughters are good basketball, volleyball players. Amardeep, his eight year old son, is an example of a budding soccer youngster.

Article extracted from this publication >>  June 12, 1987