Chandigarh: Various Sikhs Bodies in the Chandigarh Parliamentary Constituency have announced their support to the Janta Party Candidate Harmohan Dhawan, a progressive industrialist who is married in a leading Sikh family. Mr. Dhawan is contesting against the central Law Minister Mr. Jagan Nath Kaushal. Mr. Kaushal, it may be recalled was rewarded with a cabinet berth for his excellent performance as Mrs. Gandhi’s Attorney during the Janta rule. He is also largely responsible for retaining Chandigarh as a Union Territory. Mr. Yagya Dutt Sharma of Bhartiya Janta Party, is the third candidate. Mr. Sharma has not been able to cut much ice with the Union Territory Voters.

Article extracted from World Sikh News issue dated >> DECEMBER-28-1984