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New York Unit: President — Jatinder Singh

Gen. Sec. — Harbhajan Singh Grewal

New Jersey Unit: President — Harbhajan Singh

Gen. Sec. — Jaskaran Singh

The Sikh Youth of North America, New Jersey And New York Units

Congratulates World Sikh News

In Projecting the True Picture of Repression Of The Government Of India Against The Sikhs In Punjab.

It Also Appreciates Its Commitment To The Struggle Launched By Sikhs Of Punjab For Achievement Of “PURAN SWARAJ” For The Community. The Sikh Youth Of North America Calls Upon The Free And Democratic World To Raise Their Voice And Concern Against The Human Rights Violations And Killing Of Sikh Youths In Fake Encounters In Punjab.

Article extracted from this publication >> April 22, 1988