Sikh Association of America hereby strongly condemns the killing of innocent people in and around New Delhi, India. Also the recent alleged assassination plans which are blamed on the Sikhs are the creation of the agents of the Government of India to defame the Sikhs. It is very unfortunate that the Bomb blasts in New Delhi and illegal and violent acts by a few misguided individuals are blamed on the Sikh Community at large.

Sikhs have recently made a united effort in selecting a new leader — Baba Joginder Singh and all the old established Sikh Political Leaders have rallied around him and that the all other efforts of the Indian Government in dividing the Sikhs have failed badly. Now the Government of India through its agents, which includes some members of the Sikh Community, is inciting the youth to resort to violence and other illegal activities with the sole objective of branding the entire Sikh Community as a terrorist group and to divide the newly evolved United Sikh leadership. This is consistent with the pattern of the Government of India which is prevailing for the past three years.

We urge the State Department of U.S.A., F.B.I. and other investigative agencies and all the Newspaper reporters to go to the bottom of this issue and verify the connections of the so called Sikh terrorists before blaming it all on the entire Sikh Community. The Sikh Association of America — a representative body of the Sikhs living in U.S.A. extends its full cooperation to the U.S. Authorities and the News Media in combating the unlawful activities of any individual or organizations who are trying to malign the Sikhs.

Sikhs living in U.S.A. are law abiding people and fully understand the responsibilities of the residents of this country. Sikhs have been here in U.S.A. and Canada since 1900, and have made their mark in the industrial and professional life. They have always worked for the betterment of the country of their adoption and their contributions in every sphere of life are very significant. The killing of innocent people is against the basic tenets of Sikh religion and we have categorically decided to condemn such irresponsible and illegal actions.


Article extracted from this publication >> May 24, 1985