We wish to bring to your kind attention the following points:


  1. Bhinder Case


The above case was heard in the Supreme Court of Canada Wednesday, January 30, 1985. The verdict of the Supreme Court is likely to be handed down during September/October this year. Our representative attended the proceedings of the case along with Mr. Bhinder. Details of the proceedings will. Appear in The NATION.


  1. Amnesty for illegal immigrants

 The Honorable Flora I. MacDonald, P.C., M.P., Minister of Employment and Immigration has ordered to halt deportation hearings on illegal immigrants who fall short of the time required for a partial amnesty program. Those illegal immigrants who have been living underground in Canada for five years continuously without being detected can apply for landed immigrant status. In those cases where the stay of 5 years fell short by a few months will now be considered eligible for landed immigrant status up to July 3, 1985.

Should there be any help needed, please do not hesitate to forward the full details of the case to us for further action.

We are expecting a meeting with the Minister, or her senior political/civil service advisor, in the very near future and will keep you posted of the developments.

  1. Security

 We wish to advise the community that under a reciprocal arrangement “intelligence agents of some friendly foreign governments are free to carry out limited spying operations on residents of Canada as long as Ottawa knows of their activity.” It is probable that some foreign agents under the guise of ‘‘visitors, students, traders or the like”’ may be operating in Canada.

Although such type of people are not “running around amok in this country ct please BEWARE THEM considering that we are a “targeted

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 15, 1985