Q. What is the exact percentage of Sikhs in Punjab?

R. Singh, New Jersey.

A. According to 1981 census figures the complexion of Punjab population is as follows: Sikhs: 52.24, Scheduled castes: 26.87 this includes over 13% Sikhs; Hindus: 14.39; Muslims & Christians: 2.0; Migrants: 4.5.

Q. Is Punjabi an offshoot of Sanskrit?

S. Sood, Houston.

A. No. Punjabi has its origin in Palithe Prakrit language of the Buddhist scriptures.

Q. What is yellow journalism?

Lal Singh, Toronto.

A. Journalism that thrives on sensationalism. Most Indian newspapers fall in this category.

Q. Can you suggest a short cut to riches?

Nita Singh, Ottawa.

A. Marry a millionaire.

Q. A mutiny is a revolt against an established order and so is revolution. Then why mutiny is underrated?

S. VirkSouthhall, London.

A. Because nothing succeeds like success; an unsuccessful uprising is called mutiny, and a successful uprising is called revolution.

Q. Do you approve of violence?

Gurmit K. Malik, Fresno.

A. Only to combat violence.

Q. What should one do when there develops a confrontation between “head” and “heart?”

Gurmit K. Malik, Fresno.

A. Emotions also have a definite rationale, which a rational head must recognize. Confrontation is the child of irrationality. Let both “head” and “heart’’ follow the path of reason and the confrontation will evaporate in thin air.

Q. Where is Hell?

Abdul Sadiq, Stockton.

A. The heart of a Brahmin is a veritable hell.

Q. Even after tragedies like operation Blue Star and Delhi massacres, Sikh leaders are engaged in mutual bickering. When would they learn to behave?

Jagtar Singh, Boston.

A. When “Kursi” leaders are purged, the sailing will automatically become smooth.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 31, 1985