1. Shiv Singh Purewal was born to Mrs. Bishan Kaur and S. Lal Singh on September 17, 1918 at village Shankar District Jullander. After schooling at his native village S. Shiv Singh migrated to USA in September 1951. His process of migration was sponsored by his uncle S. Bhan Singh who was a farmer at Yuba City.

S, Shiv Singh went back to India in 1956. But returned to USA in the next year. He served with summers as Superintendent irrigation for 25-30 years and retired in Dec. 83.

Purewal purchased an agricultural farm in 74 in Selma area. Now they grow grapes and plums in 100 acres of land.

  1. Shiv Singh was married to Sardarni Resham Kaur in 1932. The couple had six grown up, well established and married children. But unluckily Mrs. Resham Kaur left for heavenly abrade on April 25, 88, S. Shiv Singh is highly respected gentleman in the community circles. He is also one of the leading figures who worked hard to construct the gurdwara sahib at Caruthers. He also generously donated for this purpose.

Article extracted from this publication >> August 26, 1988