AMRITSAR: The SGPC appointed Bhai Mohan Singh as head Granthi of Golden Temple and Giani Kewal Singh as head granthi of Akal Takhat. The decision to this effect was taken at the meeting of the executive committee of the SGPC held at Bhai Gurdas Hall under the president ship of S. Harinder Singh Tarn Tarani, the acting chief of the committee.

These posts fell vacant with the assassination of Giani Sohan Singh and sacking of Bhai Kashmir Singh from the Akal Takhat post.

Announcing the appointment, Mr. Manjit Singh Calcutta secretary of the committee said while Giani Mohan Singh has served as a granthi of Golden Temple and Giani Kewal Singh has served as Head Granthi of Gurdwara Kalgidhar at Ludhiana through another resolution, Giani Jagtar Singh Granthi of Gurdwara Dukh Niwaran Ludhiana was asked to come in the same capacity to Golden Temple Amritsar. Mr. Calcutta said that these priests were educated and well versed in Sikh history and had made an outstanding contribution in the propagation of Sikh religion in the country.

The executive also accepted the explanation of Giani Puran Singh and reinstated him as head granthi of Gurdwara Darbar Sahib at Tarn Taran. Giani Puran Singh pleaded that he had neither challenged the authority of SGPC nor was he involved in the happenings in the Golden Temple complex.

Article extracted from this publication >> October 28, 1988