Recently Sikhs all over the worId have been very much upset over the happenings in Panjab and have been trying to organize all kinds of movements and actions to protest the outrage to their holiest shrine and atrocities against their brothers and sisters in India.

But all these actions and sacrifices of time, money and material appear to be leading the Sikhs nowhere. The reason for this situation appears to be the fact that before launching these actions and movements we have not clarified and unified around a common goal or objective.

Our present situation is like a ship without a captain in an unfriendly ocean and small group of passengers are fighting among themselves over the leadership and the direction in which the ship should go.

At this time, we can find Sikhs with widely differing ideas and Opinions ranging from those who believe in achievement of Khalistan by any means (violent or nonviolent) to those who feel absolutely satisfied with recent RajivLongowal accord to those who feel Sikhs are already getting more than their fair share of economic and political gains and are themselves responsible for the recent Indian Govt. actions against them.

The interesting thing is that everybody making these statements believes and acts as if a big majority is of the same opinion and believes that persons thinking otherwise are in a very minimal minority and should therefore be either silenced or ignored.

In order to remove all these confusions and doubts and establish once for all what the majority of the Sikhs really want, and to chalk out a concrete plan of action to achieve this objective, I am submitting the following questionnaire to the Sikh public. In order to maintain complete secrecy and any misuse of the information, I have purposely omitted any questions regarding name or address of a person. | will therefore request that every reader of your paper should make enough copies of this questionnaire for him and his friends and fill in and send these forms back to me by October 30, so that I may be able to publish the results and analysis of this survey before the next birthday of the founder of Sikh religion Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. So that all sincere Sikh individuals and organizations eager to work for the best interests of the Sikh nation may be able to chalk out and start implementing a definite plan of action to reach a goal which majority of the Sikhs really want to achieve. INSTRUCTIONS FOR SIKH OBJECTIVES SURVEY 1985

  1. Please make enough copies of this question form for you and your friends.
  2. For most objective interpretation and analysis, please do not write your name or otherwise reveal your identity in any way.
  3. Please try to answer all the questions by putting a circle around your choice. However, you may skip any question which appears undesirable or inappropriate to you.
  4. Please complete your questionnaire by 10/30/85 and mail to: Daljit Singh Jawa 3543 Wood Valley Topeka, Ks. 66614 Ph. (913) 2670222
  5. (Desirable OBJECTIVE for the Sikhs)

In your opinion, it is in the best interest of Sikhs to:

(a) Completely abandon any kind of struggle and live as if everything is O.K.

(b) Feel satisfied with Rajiv Longowal Accord and cooperates with present Indian and Panjab govt. to implement it.


(c) Relaunch a peaceful struggle for complete attainment of Anandpur Sahib Resolution.

(d) Launch a peaceful struggle for achieving autonomy for Panjab (with Center controlling only defense, foreign affairs and currency)

(e) Launch a peaceful struggle for independent Sikh state (Khalistan) like any other independent sovereign nation.(f) Try all possible means to achieve independent Sikh state (Khalistan)

  1. (Evaluation of Commitment) In order to achieve the objective(s) preferred by you in question I, you are willing to contribute (a) nothing (b) 1 to 10% of your income (c) 1 to 10% of your time (d) whatever it takes

III. Statistical Data

(1) Your age (a) less than 21 (b) between 22 to 40 (c) between 41 to 60 (d) over 60

(2) Your sex (a) male (b) female

(3) Your education (a) Primary School (b) High School (c) B.S. Degree (d) MLS. or Ph.D.

(4) Your source of Income (a) personal business (b) private job (c) Govt. or educational job

(5) Annual income of the family (a) less than $10,000 (b) $10,000 to $30,000 (c) $31,000 to $50,000 (d) more than $50,000

(6) Your stay in United States or other foreign country (a) less than 2 years (b) 2 to 5 years (c) 6 to 10 years (d) more than 10 years.

(7) You originally belong to (a) farming family in Panjab (b) nonfarming family in Panjab (c) business or service family outside Panjab (8) Your present attachment to Sikh Gurbani (a) Recite 5 Banis daily (b) Recite Japji Sahib daily (c) occasionally do some path (d) seldom or never do any path

(9) Your attachment to Gurdwaras and Sikh functions (a) attend almost all the functions of area Gurdwara (b) Go to Gurdwara once a month (c) Seldom or never go to Gurdwara

(10) Your status regarding Sikh symbols (a) Amrit Dhari Sikh (b) Non Amnit Dhari Sikh but do not cut hair or trim beard (c) Do not cut hair but trim beard (d) had to cut hair due to job problems (e) cut hair because you do not believe that hair is a necessary part of Sikh religion.

(11) Your involvement in Sikhs political struggle (a) office holder

or a committee member of Sikh organization like WSO, SAA SCNA etc. (b) ordinary member of Sikh organizations like WSO,SAA, SCNA, etc. (c) only contribute money for helping the Sikh cause (d) follow the Sikh news. with interest but do not contribute or participate in any Sikh political cause or action (e) No special interest in Sikh affairs or happenings in India.

(12) Your interest in Sikh affairs (a) In addition to watching T.V. and local newspaper, you regularly read special Sikh newspapers like World Sikh News (b) In addition to watching T.V. and local newspaper, you regularly read special Indian papers like India Abroad (c) you get your news from T.V. and local newspaper only.

Article extracted from this publication >>  October 25, 1985