PATNA: The claims of the Director General of Police, Mr. J.M. Qureshi, about the arrest of an alleged Khalistan militant last week in Jehanabad district does not match with the FIR filed against him.

While Mr. Qureshi had talked ‘of recovery of a rifle from Mr. Sodhia Canadian citizen, the FIR, filed by the Deputy Police Superintend maintains that the rifle was recovered from one Ramdin Bhuiyan, a resident of Azadbigha where Mr. Sodhi and others were nabbed.

The FIR also does not mention the recovery of any bullet with Pakistan marking in the seizure list as was made out by Mr. Qureshi.

Meanwhile, the Bihar unit of the PUCL has described the police claim of arresting a Khalistani militant in Jehanabad as ‘irresponsible showmanship.’ The deliberate attempt of the DGP to brand Mr. Sodhi as a Khalistani was meant to mislead the people. The PUCL in a statement said Mr. Gurusharan Singh leader of the Inquilabi Kendra, an organization known for its anti-Khalistan stand and activities has stated that Mr. Sodhi was a member of the organization.

The PUCL has said such irresponsible acts by police against innocent Sikhs may make the Sikh community feel that they cannot live in this country with security and honor.

Referring to complaints that Mr. Sodhi and others, who had been arrested along with him, were being tortured in the police custody it has demanded this should be stopped forthwith.

Article extracted from this publication >> December 9, 1988