CHANDIGARH: The seven districts of Punjab, Amritsar Jalandhar Gurdaspur, Kapurthals, Ludhiana, Hoshiarpur and Ropar, has been severely affected by the floods which has already taken a toll of 300 persons during the last five days.

Ferozepur and Sangrur districts are partially affected.

The rail and road traffic is at stand still in the state for the last four days. The schools and colleges have been closed indefinitely. Their buildings and premieres are being used to provide shelter to the marooned families whose figure has already crossed 3 lacs persons.

The cause of this havoc is excessive and constant rain in the state and the catchment areas for the last six days. As Bhakra Pong dam reservoirs are full to the capacity. The overflow is also adding to the misery of the people of the state.

According to Mr. R.P. Ojha Chief Secretary to the state government, 1483 villages have been completely ruined. The total standing crop of rice has been completely damaged.

Our correspondent informs that the people have so far not been provided any assistance by the government, According to one observer while people are facing this havoc with courage the government’s attitude appears to be of an amused spectator.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has protested to the Indian government against opening the Salal dam resulting in the flooding of vast tracts in Pakistan. Lahore is cut off and partially under water. People in Lahore are observing one day bandh to protest against India government’s action.

Article extracted from this publication >> September 30, 1988