Hollywood__ “Amadeus,”’ the story of a rival composer’s mad jealousy of Mozart’s musical brilliance, and ‘A Passage to India,’ a sweeping epic about the waning years of British colonial rule over India, led all movies Wednesday with 11 Oscar nominations.

“The Killing Fields,” the true story of an American reporter’s special friendship with his interpreter against the bloody backdrop of war-torn Cambodia, and “Places in the Heart,” a saga about a widow’s struggle to keep her Texas farm in the 1930s, had seven nominations each for the 57th Academy Awards.

All four films were nominated for best picture along with ‘‘A Soldier’s Story,” a film about a murder investigation in a black military unit at a Southern base during World War II.

The costars of “Amadeus” were nominated for best actor Tom Hulce as the young, tormented Mozart and, F. Murray Abraham as the jealous Salieri. Also nominated for best actor were Jeff Bridges for ‘‘Star man,” Albert Finney in “Under the Volcano’’ and Sam Waterston in “The Killing Fields.”

Best actress nominees were Judy Davis for ‘“‘A Passage to India’; Vanessa Redgrave for ‘‘The Bostonians’’; Sally Field for ‘‘Places in the Heart”; Jessica Lange for ‘Country’; and Sissy Spacek for ‘“‘The River.” Field, Lange and Spacek all starred in films about the hardships of rural life.

A surprise nominee for best director was Woody Allen for ‘‘Broadway Danny Rose.” Other nominees were Milos Forman for ‘Amadeus,’ Roland Joffe for ‘The Killing Fields,’ David Lean for “A Passage to India” and Robert Benton for “Places in the Heart.”

Nominees for best supporting actor were Adolph Caesar, the tough sergeant in ‘‘A Soldier’s

Story,’ John Malkovich for ‘‘Places in the Heart,’’ Noriyuki ‘Pat’ Morita for “The Karate Kid,’ Haing S. Ngor for “The Killing Fields’’ and the late Ralph Richardson for ‘Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes.”

Supporting actress nominees were Peggy Ashcroft for ‘“‘A Passage to India,’”’ Glenn Close for “The Natural,’’ Lindsay Crouse for ‘‘Places in the Heart,” Christine Lahti for ‘Swing Shift’? And Geraldine Page for ‘The Pope of Greenwich Village.”

The Oscars will be presented March 25 at a nationally televised show from the Los Angeles

Music Center.

It was a veteran field of actresses nominated for best actress with only Davis earning her first nomination for her role as the neurotic Englishwoman in ‘‘A Passage to India.”

It was the second nomination for Field, who won the Oscar in 1979 for “Norma Rae.’ Lange has been nominated for best actress twice before and won best supporting actress in 1982 for ‘‘Tootsie.’”’ Spacek has been nominated four times and won the best actress Oscar in 1980 for ‘‘Coalminer’s Daughter,”’ while Redgrave has been nominated five times and won best supporting actress in 1977 for ‘‘Julia.”’

Three of the nominated actors, Abraham, Hulce and Waterston, made their debuts as Oscar contenders. Bridges had been nominated twice before and Finney four times.

In addition to best film, two acting and best directing nominations, “Amadeus”? Won nominations for art direction, cinematography, costume design, film editing, makeup, sound and screenplay based on material from another medium.

“A Passage to India,” which scored for two acting performances, director and best picture, also won nominations for art direction, cinematography, costume design, film editing, original score, sound and screenplay based on another medium.

Nominated for best foreign film were ‘“‘Beyond the Walls,’’ Israel; ‘““Camila,’ Argentina; ‘Dangerous Moves,” Switzerland; ‘‘Double Feature,” Spain; and “Wartime Romance,” Soviet Union.

Nominated for best original song were “Against All Odds’’ title song by Phil Collins; “Footloose’’ title song by Kenny Loggings and Dean Pitch ford; ‘‘Ghostbusters” title song by Ray Parker Jr.; ‘‘I Just Called to Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder from ‘‘A Woman in Red’”’; and ‘‘Let’s Hear it for the Boy’? By Don Snow and Dean pitch ford from “Footloose.”

The most expensive movie of the year, “The Cotton Club’ at more than $50 million, won only two nominations art direction and film editing.

The most successful box office picture of the year, ‘‘Ghostbusters’’ with about $200 million earned, won nominations for original song and visual effects.

The current hot box office film, ‘‘Beverly Hills Cop,’’ won only a single nomination best screenplay written for the screen.

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 15, 1985