JOURNALIST; Mr. Ambassador, Rajiv Gandhi’s Congress (1)

party has suffered a humiliating defeat in the Tamil Nadu state elections.

AMBASSADOR; That’s Right.

JOURNALIST: Out of a total of 232 seats, it could barely win 25 despite intensive electioneering campaign by Rajiv Gandhi himself.

AMBASSADOR: Very Correct.

JOURNALIST: What new gimmick, do you think; will Rajiy Gandhi play now to boost up his sagging morale and soiled image? Will he again play the communal card or strike against Pakistan’s nuclear installations?

AMBASSADOR: Not in national interest to disclose.


JOURNALIST: Mr. Ambassador, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Mr. Arjan Singh has been sacked following State High Court’s order to institute inquiry into the Churhat lottery scandal.

AMBASSADOR: That’s right

JOURNALIST: Bihar Governor Mr. Govind Narain Singh has also been sacked for creating constitutional problems in the state. AMBASSADOR: Very correct.

JOURNALIST: When will Rajiv Gandhi dismiss his trusted cronies for their involvement in Bofors scandal in which 65 crores of rupees were charged by them as commission in the purchase of arms for the country?

AMBASSADOR: Not in national interest to disclose.


JOURNALIST: Mr. Ambassador, Janata Dal leader, Mr. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in his report on the Jammu riots pointed out that officials connived with Shiv Sena hooligans in attacking the Gurpurb procession.

AMBASSADOR: That’s right.

JOURNALIST: He said the attack followed the same pattern as was seen in the antiSikh holocaust of November 1984. AMBASSADOR Nery Correct.

JOURNALIST: Don’t you think Gandhi’s government is treating Sikhs living outside Punjab as expendable hostages? AMBASSADOR: Not in national interest to disclose.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 27, 1989