NEW DELHI, India: A number of Islamic courts have been set up in various parts of India by the Muslim organizations to counter the Indian Government’s move for common civil court.

The courts, presided over by religious leaders dispose of various civil cases among the members of the Muslim community.

So far nine Islamic courts have been established in northern state of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and in Western state of Gujrat.

Maulana Habibur Rehman in his address said the Muslims will oppose any move by the government to introduce uniform civil code in the country as it will make Islamic law ineffective.

He said the courts will deliver Judgment on disputes, including matrimonial cases in Muslim community.

The meeting was attended by over 500 Muslim scholars and Islamic law experts.

The Indian government will in Introduce a bill in the current session of Parliament to make acceptance of the uniform civil code as optional for members of all religious communities.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 20, 1987