Dear Sir,

Some letters have appeared in the past in Indian newspapers in U.S.A. showing that there is no

Discrimination against Sikhs in Punjab. In a previous letter I had pointed out how the Punjab University Chandigarh was dominated by one community to the exclusion of the Sikhs. In this connection the following extract from the Tribune Chandigarh (August 4, 1985) may be read with interest.

“Punjab University’s administrative wing is dominated by members of a few families who were recruited in large numbers by Prof. R. C. Paul, a former Vice-chancellor.

Mr. Janki Dass Mago, Secretary to the Vice-Chancellor has seven members of his family serving in this section. They are his wife, three brothers, a niece and a daughter-in-law.


Mr. Anant Ram, assistant Registrar has two daughters and two sons-in-law working there. The wife and son of Mr. Atam Parkash Kapur, who retired recently as Assistant Registrar, are also employed in this section.

Mr. Anant Parkash Anand, Assistant (legal Cell) has his wife two sisters and a brother-in-law in the section. A son and two daughters of Mr. S. K. Puri, a superintendent are also employed there.

The history of certain laboratory attendants speaks volumes for the “‘recruitment policy of the university. The majority of the attendants, who hail from the Kangra and Garhwal region, began their careers as domestic servants of the teachers. Most of them have been “adjusted” as laboratory attendants to save the teachers from paying them their salaries.

The case of Mast Ram is highly revealing. He joined Prof. Paul as a domestic servant. The Professor got him appointed as laboratory attendant and gave two promotions as laboratory assistant and laboratory supervisor. The faithful servant continues to work for his old master, although the latter has retired.”

With so much nepotism going on in one institution it is not understood how it is being maintained that Sikhs are not being discriminated.


(To be continued)



Balwant Singh Buttar

(AA Retired)

Article extracted from this publication >>  September 6, 1985