Dear Editor,


I would like to share the following letter with the readers of World Sikh News. Please oblige by reproducing it in your column ‘Letters to the Editor.

Dear Dr. Sahib, Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji Ki Fateh

It is a Buttar writing to a Buttar on a subject apparently dear to both of us whereas I am writing partially in response to the news item ‘OTTAWA UNITY SEMINAR PLANNED” which appeared in May 31, 1985 issue of the Indian Govt. Spokesman ‘INDIA ABROAD” more so because acts of people like you on the American  subcontinent, including Canada, are engineered and inspired by the communal and fascist govt. of India headed by the most incompetent Mr. Rajiv Gandhi whose only qualification to the position being that he is the “butcher’s” sole surviving child. The whole world knows, let alone you and me, that he was dragged into active politics not because he was interested or competent but because she wanted to perpetuate her dynasty. You may have vested interest in towing the line of Indian govt’ propaganda but my only interest is to tell the truth and expose sycophants. You are organizing the seminar “to bring together Sikhs and non-Sikhs from India.” I am for it, have always been for bringing people of the world together and during my 20 years stay in this country I have been actively involved in this. An example of my practical contributions towards it I am actively involved in elective and appointive offices in this State representing one of the political parties. Whereas you are only concerned with bringing the two communities together. I wish you luck. Your efforts, if you make any, will pale into insignificance compared to monumental contribution of the Indian govt. in keeping the various communities at loggerhead so that it can continue to reap the electoral harvests now and in the future. Only persons like you and sycophants like Buta Singh and Zail Singh will dance to the tune of the Hindu Communalists to reap personal and family benefits. Stop here for a second. Why have you closed your eyes to the facts disclosed in “Who are the guilty.“ By attempting to organize this seminar you are telling everyone that Sikhs are the culprits. If in your opinion they are, then, you are only displaying your ignorance, and if you truly believe they are not, then the initiative must come from the party responsible for the wrong doing and they are the ones who ought to be remorseful. You know volumes can be written on the subject but I believe that it would not make any material difference. But Indian Govt’s. Agents need to be exposed and stopped from carrying on the most reprehensible propaganda which is doing more harm than good to the cause it purportly espouses.


Sincerely, (Amarjit Singh Buttar)


Article extracted from this publication >>  June 21, 1985