Dear Editor,


The dynamics and destruction caused by the recent riots in Gujrat State of India should be studied very carefully by both the “elites” and the minority communities. Some facts are given for the benefits of your readers and conclusions will be drawn at the end.

  1. The mob attacks on Harijans and Moslims were led by local leaders of all parties. It appeared all castes; communities were fighting against each other.
  2. The aggression of the mob was displaced on the slum dwellers irrespective of the religions. The high caste was actively seeking their pathological revenge from the low caste people.
  3. Women of “low virtue” were used by the mob to hackle the police who were up to this point performing a very difficult task of keeping the lid on every trouble spot.
  4. Courts, including the higher courts appeared to be siding with the opposition parties. They were definitely against senior police officers.
  5. Under extreme pressure police revolted and started collecting petrol to attack and burn the anti-police newspaper and houses of the middle class agitators.
  6. Harijans were killed in such places as Bapu Nagar and Ambedkar, Nagar with pathological cruelty.
  7. The Army which was called quite late brought the situation under control.
  8. Central Government in New Delhi did not feel “that bad” about the situation and allowed the Congress (I) government to continue to rule. It also decided to look into the reasonable demands of the rioters.

My conclusions are that the whole country is undergoing a riot psychosis. The powerless people of every community are getting burnt and socially destroyed. There is no philosophic basis for these cruel happenings. Police, the defenders of law, joins actively in the riots and politicians are too powerless to punish the law enforcement agencies. It all leaves you in a state of numbness and fear.



  1. Singh


Article extracted from this publication >>  June 21, 1985