Your Excellency,


The present chaotic conditions in the country and their further fast worsening developments leading to a far more dangerous ugly situation are extremely shocking.

The so-called brilliant brains of the country are wrestling with the solution of Punjab problem. They are cunningly and wastefully busy beating about the bush where there is nothing to gain or hunt.

Punjab has never been a problem and it is not a problem now. This drama was deliberately staged by late Mrs. Gandhi in her mad pursuit of power to boost her electoral gains.

Had she lived to fight elections, her party would have been so badly defeated as to never revive again because of the foul games she has been playing all her political career.

What does the government (Congress) or the people of India lose if they:

(a) Release all Sikhs herded during the entire period of agitation enblock,

(b) Refer the river waters dispute to the Supreme Court of India,

(c) Restore the capital of Punjab to it because it was built for Punjab,

(d) Redraw the boundaries of Punjab with its adjacent states based on honesty and viability,

(e) Put complete stoppage of government interference in the Gurdwara managements of the Sikhs throughout India. This is also obligatory for a government claiming itself as SECULAR,

(Decide the major issues of Centre State knowers uniformly for the whole country by a Constituent Assembly that should be created for this specific purpose.

(g) Tender an unqualified apology to the Sikh community, though a bitter pill can help to restore the wounded pride of the Sikhs if it is coupled with punishing the culprits of November killings in the country, and liberally compensating the victims.

These steps if unilaterally announced and acted upon in sincerity without artificiality, can restore peace in Punjab. If the government wants to solve this problem by tightening the security arrangements which are already oversight with no further room for tightening then let us wait for the inevitable.


Most respectfully,

(B. Singh)

The ‘well-wishers’ of India, from Canada

Article extracted from this publication >>  June 21, 1985