Dear Editor,

Kindly accept my congratulation for publishing an excellent and politically penetrating article entitled Rajiv Gandhi and the Sikhs in your esteemed newspaper (March 22, ’85). The learned author has right. Fully accused Rajiv Gandhi for his anti-Sikh behavior. My interpretation is that the malady is deeper than that. Rajiv is the prisoner of his own creation. The problem started with his mother who collected spineless males of all religions to form her kitchen cabinet. Her main motive was to continue her dynastic rule at any cost.

She had sensed the pulse and psychodynamics of the ‘Star Kari’ Sikhs and Moslems and collected them to her side by throwing power crumbs at them.

To appeal to the “unconscious dominants’”’ seeking psyche of the Hindi belt people, she started presenting them with behaviors which were previously indulged in by such dogmatic organization as the R.S.S. and Jan Sangh. She could mastermind state induced violence so that after controlling it, she could emerge as ‘‘Durga.”’

Rajiv got into this dehumanizing political act just to help his ‘mom’ after his younger brother got killed paying the price for his diabolic acts (Karmas) against Turkman gate powerless huggi dwellers. ;

 It is very interesting to note that she could not appeal to the psyche of non-Hindi belt Hindus. Sikhs and other powerless minorities have to carefully watch the behavior of these open minded people who were at times amused and painfully annoyed at the degenerated behavior of the Congress (I) leaders.

The point I am making is that a section of Indian population got mystified and did horrifying things against Harijans, Moslems, Christians and powerless women. Sikhs were spared by them for some strange reason. But this time they have overreached their limits and touched the anger of a tiger.

I have stated elsewhere that a wise organization uses more reflection which is then translated into well planned action. Also, we should not forget the famous saying of Chanakya, ‘‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend!”

The enemy could have died its own death if we had gone a bit slow. But now we should urge our leaders to call a conference of like-minded people and invite such heavy. Weights as NTR, Yoti Basu. Chander Shekhar, Dr. Abdullah to mention a few. This will create a fear in the minds of the ruling congress and at last reduce the dehumanization that they have let loose in the powerless minorities of India.

Finally W.S.0. along with other bodies of Indo North American origin should plan strategies so as to give a “‘warm”’ welcome to Rajiv when he lands at the Kennedy Airport in June ’85.

I will be disappointed if thousands of freedom loving Indo-North Americans does not chase him where he goes to impress upon him the anger and aging that his power hungry goons have made us undergo.

The suggestions of holding peaceful demonstrations, holding strings of non-ending fasts at the M. N. Headquarters, writing letters to the President of the United States of America, putting advertisements in such papers as Globe & Mail, Toronto and New York Times is a must.


The time is not just for reflection. It is time for fast planning, and action. Just imagine the social destruction which took place in 80 cities of India and is still taking place in many areas of Punjab.

We all look up to W.S.0. For direction and construction and peaceful leadership.


Sincerely in Appreciation,

  1. Singh,


Article extracted from this publication >>  April 26, 1985