Dear Editor,

Many uncomfortable thoughts developed in my mind after reading the full page advertisement (World Sikh News, Dec, 30, p. 8) by Mr. Yogi.

The first thing which struck my mind was the unique combination of Khalsa, Yogi and a Christian in ‘one personality. It is, to me, impossibility. One cannot be a believer of Lord Jesus, Guru Gobind Singh and Yoga at the same time.

The philosophy of Yogis was rejected by the Gurus and Bhagats. One can find numerous Shabads in the Guru Granth Sahib to that effect. Jap Jee, required to be read daily by a Sikh, emphatically advises a yogi to give up yoga rituals and instead adopt Gurmat (Pouris 2821).

Genuine yogi is he who loves all people as his equals (and not he who practices yoga). Ayer Panth is highest sect of yogis. A yogi cannot be a Sikh, as a Jew cannot be a Christian, one cannot be both at the same time.

Secondly, we are told in the advertisement that 1989 will be a year of “God in blessing.” According to Sikh faith, God is always blissful and merciful. It is we who lose his blessings by turning our faces away from him. To believe that God was not merciful in 1988 (or earlier), but will be in 1989 is anti-Sikh thought. Those who worship days, dates, years, believing them to be good or bad, are fools.

Mr. Yogi is trying to tell us that God observes Christian calendar to bless his people because no other calendar makes figure 9 this year. Only a Christian having a faith in Christ as the only begotten son of God can believe that. Further his belief that 9 represents God is against the Sikh faith. Guru Nanak Dev used figure one, to represent God. If we agree with Mr. Yogi, 1980, which also becomes 9, should have been good for us. During this year, Sikh Government in Punjab was dismissed by Delhi Raj and murders of Sikhs were started by the army and police. The destruction of Golden Temple and massacre of Sikhs was planned by the Government in this year.

There is another important date which draws attention of the reader to that adv. Mr Yogi wants us to join him on June 18, when about half of the year would already be gone. To me the catch is in the first two words, “Join me …” Mr. Yogi wants Sikhs to join him i.e. become his disciples rather than that of the Guru. The question arises why should we join Mr. Yogi? May we ask him why not all of us should join the Guru, Guru Granth Sahib and Guru KhaIsa Panth (instead of Mr. Yogi) and why not start today (instead of 6 months later). How long would people continue fooling Sikhs by such gimmicks? I think as long as we would let them do that.

Lastly, “Singh Sahib” is the honorable words to be used only for the heads of the Takhats and the Hari Mander Sahib. Even the president of Shromani committee is not entitled to this honor. There is no Takhat as Sikh Dharma Western Hemisphere recognized by the Khalsa Panth. We wonder at the use of this honor by Mr. Yogi himself. Anyway, may it be known, that such honors as Bhai Sahib, Padam Shri, etc, are not supposed to be added to one’s name in letters or other correspondence.

Gurbakhsh Singh Fredericksburg, VA 22405.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 27, 1989