Dear Editor,

I here reproduce news that appeared in The Tribune, March 23, 1985,


Amritsar — Mr. Hari Singh Arewala, an executive member of the S.G.P.C., yesterday alleged that he and his relatives were “illegally” detained by the U.P. Police and “implicated” in a false case.

In a communication to the President and the Governor and Chief Minister of U.P., he stated that when he, along with his relatives, was going to Luck now to attend a marriage, they were harassed, assaulted and looted by ‘‘goondas” at the Shahjahanpur railway station.


The police, who remained silent spectators during the hooliganism, later detained and registered a case against them instead of taking any action against the miscreants.

After reading this news, we wonder if this is the “healing touch’ which the government talks about.

Men like myself who had some faith in the pol~ icy of understanding and reconciliation have been completely disillusioned,



Balwant Singh Butter


Article extracted from this publication >>  April 12, 1985