Dear Editor,

Please use the following letter written to Globe and Mail, Vancouver, in your column letters to the Editor and oblige.

Sir: An article “Air Disaster Linked to Failed Experiment” of July 1st, 1985 carried on the front page, is a further proof of the yellow journalism. “Timing problem held responsible for deaths in air blasts” is once again based on assumption; relayed and orchestrated by Indian Intelligence to defame and smear the Sikhs worldwide, and especially in North America. The concurrent analysis “The Indian Government is known to spend thousands of dollars to create informants in the Sikh community in North America,” no doubt rectitude but the journalism lacked to substantiate the motives of these paid informers.

“The separatists are now considered as extremely well-organized.” Regardless of eulogistic or disparaging expression; there is absolutely no doubt in their organizing ability and solidarity for the common cause. Especially, when the Sikhs throughout the world realized; that the Indian Government is determined to wipe out Sikhs and the Sikh Religion from Punjab, ‘their homeland.’

After grief, anguish and protests; an umbrella organization, World Sikh Organization was formed on July 28, 1984. Now, the Sikh organizers were just beginning to reach politicians, human rights and civil liberty groups, for the purpose of acquainting them with the horror and sufferings inflicted at the hands of government officials lead mobs and intelligence agencies in India. Only a month ago, on 25 and 26 May in Vancouver the Canadian Sikhs presented the plight of human rights on behalf of their aggrieved brethren in India. To the surprise of India, the Canadian politicians touched off by the human rights violation, and have crossed the barriers erected by Indian government under the labels of terrorism; their justification to kill, shoot, torture and wipe out Sikhs at will and terrorize Punjab behind the Iron Curtain with Presidential rule, through troops deployment, black laws and party hoodlums. The provincial and federal politicians promised Canadian Sikhs to bring the issue of human rights violation of their brethren in India to the attention of their colleagues in Ottawa and Victoria.

Similarly across the border, some of the congressmen, on the 1st  anniversary of Golden Temple massacre of June 6/84; enlightened the house about the erosion and violation of human rights of Sikhs by the Indian regime.

Imagine the embarrassment Indian Prime Minister received during his visit in Washington, D.C. where Sikhs maintained their cool and peaceful exposure even though it was painted contrary by Indian officials.

It is astonishing that the journalist with such a status will actually ignore the fact that the gentle image of western Sikhs is a thorn for India; and Indian intelligence will do everything to smear the Sikhs and their worldwide image as they have done so successfully in Punjab and New Delhi.


Tactfully and successfully, the India government has branded the Sikhs of Punjab as a community of terrorists despite the repeated demands for Judicial Inquiry by Sikh Leaders of every incident the Siky Community was accused of. The assassination of former prime minister allegedly by her two bodyguards was blamed on the entire Sikh community; and now the presumed air blast of flight AI 182 is designed to smear and malign the Sikhs abroad.

“Part of their (Canadian intelligence) information comes from Indian intelligence sources and some of this is suspect because of India’s political stand toward the Sikh separatist cause.” Your partial admission concurrently needs to point out that your inability to substantiate the motives of these informers may have invited the State terrorism of India against the citizens of this country, “Canadian Sikhs.”

Indian Intelligence’s coordinated and your unsubstantiated version of “failed experiment” has further inspired and assured them of the impeccable felonius experiments.


Yours Truly

Surindar Singh

Jabal Vice President

World Sikh Organization

 Of Canada.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 19, 1985