Indian Government has committed yet another fraud. Once again Truth is destined to become causality in the ugly game of subversive maneuvers. The manner in which the recovered Recorder and the Black Box of the crashed Air India Jumbo Jet were horridly transported to Bombay has confirmed suspicions about the insidious intentions of the government. It must, through fair and foul means, justify the “soundness” of its irresponsible judgment pronouncing the cause of the crash to be sabotage. The “captive instrument” would now be made to speak the language that endorses government judgment. The sophisticated facilities of Bhabha Atomic Center would, through a nicely scripted and properly edited version, help create the last agonizing scenes and in the process make “desired” disclosures.

To save the reputation of Air India, the vital truth about the crash would be suppressed. The world would never know whether the crash was caused by Pilot error or aircraft failure. Consequently the manufacturers of Jumbo Jets would not be able to take correctional measures to avoid future tragedies and pilots would not be any wiser about the fatal error.

While the experts were still figuring about the possible cause of the accident, Indian foreign Minister had already declared it to be a case of clear sabotage. Sitting thousands of miles away from the scene, he professed to know more of aeronautics than all the aviation experts working on the spot. His irresponsible and motivated utterance was unfortunately instantly parrot like repeated by the media world over and the already unjustly grilled Sikh population of the world was further victimized and persecuted. The Sikhs, for no fault of their own, again found themselves in the dock with sneering eyes cursing everywhere and Indian Government gloatingly reveling over the “God sent” opportunity.

The media that came down so ruthlessly upon the helpless Sikhs now owes it to the Sikhs to make proper amends for all the defamatory steam that it kept discharging against them all these days. It must strongly censure the Indian Government for the virtual “abduction” of the Recorder, and must unequivocally state that the tampered testimony of the Recorder would not be allowed to tarnish the fair image of the Sikhs. Indian Government’s thievish action on the international waters is only a fractional extension of the deceit and duplicity extensively practiced by it on its own soil and against its “own” minorities. It is a government that swears by falsehood and thrives on bloodshed.

The world would be appalled to its wit’s end if objective reporters were allowed to go to Punjab to see for themselves the naked State terrorism operating there in its worst ever revengeful frenzy. Let those who so eloquently talk of “never again” act now and rescue the beleaguered Sikhs.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 19, 1985