Yours Excellency, Sikhs in Canada welcome you, without expecting much in return.

By way of introducing you to our minds, the lines that follow, we hope, may serve as adequate indicator.

The entire world now knows what government of India has done to the Sikhs. All our religious places have been desecrated and virtually destroyed. All our historical records and relics and original writings of the Great Gurus have been deliberately set on fire. Our State has been sealed to any neutral observers, as such number of people killed, maimed, tortured, and burnt to death remain a mystery. Dead bodies were disposed of as garbage.

There is no parallel in history of mankind where any section of people had met such brutal treatment at the hands of its government. Hearts of Sikhs are bleeding worldwide but the great Guru Gobind Singh is with us and we shall never surrender to brutality and injustice. We shall annihilate the tyrants as we did during the past 500 years of our existence.

The atrocities on our people in Punjab are not only continuing but are escalating every day. The community has passed through bigger crisis than this. Every day that passes is conducive to breaking the country to pieces. The government and its stooges and minions who include all of you are making marry. NERO was fiddling when Rome was burning. But remember God’s handing very powerful and is now almost ready to strike at the tyrants. Things have gone too far, as far as to a point of no return.

God has never ever forgiven tyrants. They all fell one by one. These few days of your marry makings will take YOU right to your grave.


If you have anything to talk to the Sikhs, come to the. Gurdwara and let us see what you have to say about all this. If you want to pursue in the footsteps of your masters in India of talking to the stooges and minions from amongst the Sikhs you will find many of which there has been no shortage of such perverted human beings who have no moral character. They are the machines of converting food into excretes. God has fixed quota for such degraded creatures.

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