Press Release

 London — The elections in the Indian held state of Punjab, are nothing but an act of deceipt, to mislead the world opinion into believing that the Indian government is trying to solve the Sikh problem ‘“‘peacefully and democratically.”

With most of the Sikh leaders either in Indian jails or forced to flee their homeland, with emergency rules giving the government the unlimited authority to intimidate and coerce the people, and with a heavy army and police presence to terrorize the dissenters, only the yes men can venture to seek election.

The only option left to voice dissent was a complete boycott of the polls so that the world at large may see that the exercise was a farce, but this option, too, has been taken away from the people by the latest directive by the State Home Secretary, N.N. Vohra, directing the local authorities to arrest anybody who advocates a boycott.

Clearly in this atmosphere of terrorism by the State, only the sycophants will be contesting and winning the election.

Will the free world then, be fooled by such a farce and believe that India is the “biggest democracy” and that the Sikhs have freely agreed to remain an “integral part” of the Hindu dominated India? Will the free world succumb to this trickery and allow India to perpetuate its stranglehold over Khalistan? We hope not.

Article extracted from this publication >>  October 6, 1985