Sikhs in India are determined to establish their independent homeland because the post-independence history of India is littered with ugly (though untold in history books) facts which prove that the government of India is not sincere to the Indian minorities, especially the Sikhs; that there is no hope for a true democracy in India; and that there are many historical incidents that the Sikhs cannot ignore. There are accounts of utmost humiliations and unspeakable atrocities perpetrated against the Sikhs which the Sikhs cannot forget and there are some unpleasant details of Sikh history that the Sikhs do remember, and there are some cherished values that the Sikhs like to conform to.

Every intelligent person realizes that the Indian government is neither committed to the welfare of the common man nor to the ideal of democracy because:

  1. It is a hierarchy of mostly corrupt officials, who practice hypocrisy in the name of “democracy,” who rule with satanic cunning and Hitlerian dictatorship to force the common inarticulate masses to acquiesce (or at best to cry in the wilderness).
  2. The Indian government labels the ones that seek redemption of their human rights as extremists and those that demand political and economic justice as militants.
  3. Indian government uses intimidation but calls it negotiation: pushes into acceptance a fraud but calls it an “accord.”
  4. The government unscrupulously ignores parliamentary procedures and amends the constitution to incorporate decrees that cater to vested interests, of the officials.
  5. The Indian government professes secularism but continues to practice Brahminism.
  6. The government prepares new measures which can ensure a political detour rather than a political solution to the problems that are clamoring for immediate but permanent solutions.
  7. The insincerity of the Indian government has become apparent to the Sikhs because they haye noted that the government has maligned the Sikhs to the point that they may be deemed guilty of a crime until they can prove their innocence (rather than be considered innocent until, they are proven guilty). Can anyone forget the TV reports that followed the news about the recent Air India crash? It was reiterated that “several” groups have claimed responsibility for the tragic incident; however, only pictures of two Sikh youth were flashed again and again and only Sikhs were singled out of the “several” to be blamed.

Perhaps all the ugly realities of the present regime could be tolerated if only we could hope a true democracy in India in the near future. But there is no such hope:

  1. Because the freedom of press is no more than an unfulfilled dream under a regime in which autocracy is camouflaged as democracy.
  2. Because foreign reporters are ordered out of Panjab since the truth about Panjab may come out through them and expose the shamefully ugly acts and insidious designs of the government.
  3. The new communications satellite is being used to strengthen the strongholds of the government; it is not being used to strengthen democracy.

Sikhs cannot ignore the fact that the government has been covering the truth by removing sources of vital evidence. No intelligent person can ignore that:

  1. Beant Singh was murdered after he had surrendered.


  1. Only two bullets out of the several were removed from the body of Indira Gandhi.
  2. Dr. Kapoor who submitted the postmortem report on some of the hundreds of girls (of ages 1320 after they were stripped, tortured, and thrown naked in the hot sun of June 1984; also raped at night and murdered the following morning) has simply vanished from the scene.
  3. Poets, singers, writers, and preachers who dare to voice the Sikh pain are being arrested and humiliated in thousands of ways because the rule of the time is, “Let me step on your toes, but you better not say ‘ouch’ ”.

It is naive to think that Sikhs can forget the following humiliations and cruelties:

  1. To arrest a handful of persons the government needed the armed forces and needed to storm the Golden Temple and about forty other gurdwaras simultaneously.
  2. Priceless manuscripts of the Sikh sacred writings have been destroyed by the government.
  3. Many copies of the Holy Guru Granth Sahib have been subjected to murdering bullets and burning fires.
  4. Many Sikh men, women, and children have been subjected to unspeakable abuse of all kinds psychological, verbal, physical, political, economic and religious.
  5. The government has given awards to its soldiers of fortune who led the ruthless attack that killed innocent children, men, and women gathered for worship on the martyrdom day of Guru Arjan Dev ji.

Making the above and many other tragic events even more painful is the knowledge that:

  1. Assassinations have taken place in many civilized parts of the world, and it is always the assassin who is subjected to incarceration and other means of punishment, but … in India the assassination of Indira Gandhi led to the blaming of the entire Sikh nation and to the heartless burnings and killings of the Sikhs.
  2. The new prime minister (who soils the fair name of cleanliness by allowing himself to be called “Mr. Clean” by the sycophants) and his puppet president have failed to order judicial inquiries into the post assassination humiliation, burning, and killing of innocent Sikhs.

Sikhs know that certain losses from history must not be forgotten and certain values must be conformed to at all costs:

  1. They know that the Sikh leaders have started with firm determination to support the Sikh cause but government cunning, coercion, and manipulation rendered them helpless victims.
  2. The Sikhs know that the government continues to delay, detour, and then destroy, rather than encourage, tolerate, and ameliorate.
  3. The Sikhs know that AS CHILDREN OF GURU GOBIND SINGH JI it is their destiny to continue fighting against the wrong until they succeed restoring normal order and dignity to the blessed land of Panjab, which is still smothered by army presence and scarred beyond repair by the government atrocities AND

Therefore, while the government continues to delay and detour in the hope to destroy, the Sikhs will continue to tell each other to Say FAREWELL to those self-seekers who are intellectually bankrupt, spiritually sick, and linguistically capable of manipulating information to keep presenting the government in fair colors and thus gain material benefits for themselves, and Say FARE FORWARD to all those of the SIKH nation and of the world brotherhood at large who must counter all evil!.

Article extracted from this publication >>  October 6, 1985