New Delhi — No congress (I) ruled state government is cooperating with the Sarkaria commission, it has been reliably learnt. Sarkaria commission was instituted by late Indira Gandhi to go into the dispute over center state relations. Over the years the central government has slowly nibbled at the powers that belonged to the state governments. In fact the situation as it obtains today shows India to be governed by a unitary system whereas Indian constitution provides for a federal structure. The state governments particularly those ruled by parties other than the one ruling at the center have been clamoring for not only restoration of powers unilaterally arrogated to itself by the Center but also more powers to accelerate the economic development according to the peculiar conditions of the respective areas. The purpose of the Sarkaria Commission was to study the total set up and make suitable recommendations so that each state can enjoy greater flexibility and range in effecting economic regeneration and modernization.

The commission had circulated a questionnaire to all the State governments and also invited official and nonofficial delegations to present their views over the issue. Curiously no congress (I) ruled State government has responded to the questionnaire so far. All the states ruled by parties other than Congress (I) have already sent their response to the commission. The work of the commission is at standstill because of noncompliance by the Congress ruled states. According to the terms of RajivLongowal accord, Anandpur Sahib resolution in so far as it deals with center State relations, stands referred to the Sarkaria commission. In other words it has been safely pushed to a place where it would keep hibernating indefinitely. Justice R. S. Sarkaria under, the circumstances, is reportedly unhappy at the noncooperation of Rajiv’s party governments.

Article extracted from this publication >>  October 6, 1985