The first Khalistan Declaration was read by the original five members Panthic Committee on April 29 1986 to commemorate the Khalistan martyrs of the Sikh nation. Six years later the resolutions are read and celebrations are being held throughout North America.

Beginning with the Bhog Granth Sahib singing of the anthem “Deh shiva var mohen” kirtans salutes to Nishar Sahib Shabads Poems lectures and prayers for martyrs and an independent Khalistan Sangats from Maryland to California and Canada to Texas celebrated and passed by unanimous vote the resolutions that epitomize Khalistan declaration day.

Today the Sikh Sangats unite to achieve the goal of Khalistan.

FRESNO: On April 29-1992 at California State University Fresno the Sikh Students Federation of Fresno jubilantly celebrated their independence day Khalistan day. Over 300 students participated in not only voicing their unconditional support of the resolution of Khalistan (signed on April 291986) but also in exposing to the university the gross human rights violations being practiced by the govt of India.

The demonstration rally included; the singing of the Sikh national anthem des shiva var mohicheha by the vice president of the Sikh Students Federation of Fresno (SSFF) Beant Singh Gurjant Singh (secretary of the SSFF) and Balbir Singh (senior member of the SSFF); free food and drinks were offered to show the unique culture and religion of the Sikh people; Students marched across the university’s free speech area chanting vigorously “Khalistan Zindabad! Stop the genocide of the Sikhs Stop U.S. aid to India!”; literature both educational and graphically intense from Amnesty International Khalistan Affairs Center and the SSFF was distributed; A collection of displays showing the torture and murder victims of the Indian government was compiled; in addition many of the Sikh Students (most notably Sodi Ajmer and Kaldeep Singh) conducted per Kaldeep Singh) conducted personal discussions with the American Students inform in them about the barbaric condition existing in Punjab.

The regional television affiliate of NBC ABC CBS and SPAN« well as the local university new papers were on hand to cover the event. Many of the media source showed their surprise and offer their sympathy to the thousands innocent Sikhs who have died the criminal hands of the India government

The guest speaker at the event was Dr. Amarjit Singh (spokesperson for North America for the Panthic Committee and execute director of the Khalistan Center) He enlightened the students with a very moving and in formative speech. The guidance and commitment shown b; Dr. Amarjit Singh towards the progression of the SSFF has been monumental. Other speakers included the vice president of the Associated Student Government Martin Rodriguez; Parminder Singh (public relations of the SSFF); Jaswant Singh (For me president of the SSFF); Tara Singh (senior member of the SSFF); a Parminder Singh (president of the SSFP).

After the speeches were concluded Dr. Amati Singh was in reviewed by the television and newspaper media. A full account of the Khalistan movement was given.

A general meeting of all Sikh Students was conducted here after. The over flowing conference room listened enthusiastically and engaged in a question and answer discussion on Dr Amarjit Singhs presentation.

 The April 29-1992 Khalistan Da Celebration was a great success Al the Sikh students at California State University Fresno have given credit and shabash. A special thank you also has to be given to the Sikh women students when displayed great emotion and sup Port throughout the whole program On this day we sent a strong message back to Delhi as well a back to Washington stating that the Indian governments extreme abuses of human rights will no longer be kept secret from the “American people and along with it a strong message that all the Sikh students support and demand Khalistan. Dr. Amarjit Singh characterized this mood by saying “Lam glad that the movement is in the hands of young intellectuals the movement is safe.

The Khalistan movement will always remain in Chardi Kala. We urge all the students around America as well as the Sikh community in general to come together and support Khalistan. STOCKTONCA: As is done every year the Annual day of Gadld in Babbar was celebrated this year. Bahuji  ) Mata jit  Kaurs first death anniversary was also celebrated the same day. This day was also dedicated w the celebration of the declaration of Khalistan”

This year there appeared to be some special feeling in the Sangat There was kirtan by Manmohan Singh Katha by Baba (Tirwala) Dr. Harbajan Singh Shergill presented a special poem dedicated to a Sikh many. Gurcharan and Singh Jak also presented a touching poem. Shane Punjab presented Sikh history of martyrdom Dhadi Jetha of Bhai Nagoke also presented Sikh history of today.

  1. Gurcharan Singh Dhillon president of W.S.0 U.S.A. discussed the present problem in very simple language. He made it clear that anybody who supports the Govt of Indias genocide of the Sikhs is our enemy and needs to beware of Sikh people in whatever the shape or dress. He also made it clear that supporting our Sikh brothers in Punjab was our duty and we will continue to do so without any hesitation He urged the Sikh Sangat o support Ranjit and Sukhminder and other freedom fighters. He criticized Beant Singh “Chief Minister” of Punjab for arresting the village leaders and later arresting Justice Ajit Singh Bains who is a champion of human rights. He urged the Govt to release Justice Bains unconditionally without delay or the Sikh nation will not forgive.

Khalistan Day observed by D.C. Sikhs

In Washington DC Guna Gobind Singh Foundation (GGSF) observed the Khalistan Day on May 3.1992 marking the sixth anniversary of Declaration of Independence of Khalistan. A special Kavi Darbar paying glowing tribes to the martyrs who laid down their lives for the cause of Khalistan was held in addition to Kirtan by Raj Jatha. The hall reverberated with the slogan of long live Khalistan. Kavis expressed their sentiments in volatile terms describing in vivid word pictures the sacrifices of Sikh young men and women in Punjab. Ajit S. Manjit Harminder Singh Jamal Harpreet Kaur Prem Singh and Lachman Singh Aujla recited their Poems. In a speech Dr. Rajwant Singh President of Punjab Human Rights Organization North America informed the audience of £10ss human rights violations by the Indian Govt and said “the struggle for Independence and freedom has gained manifold momentum in last few years India and abroad. At the end 11 resolutions in favor of Khalistan praising Amnesty International and Punjab Human Rights Organization for the human rights work and condemning the arrest of Justice Bains and. Gurbhajan Singh Gill were passed Harminder Singh President of GGSF said we the Sikhs in the West must work t0 spread the message of freedom in the grass our brethren in Punjab

BALCH SPRINGTX: there was special gathering of sangat on May 31992 at Gurdwaras Singh

Sabha of North Texas 1150 Ok Elam Road Balch Springs Tex a for the celebration of Khalsa’s day on the call of Panthic Committee (Dr Sohan Singh).

Bhai Sucha Singh explained through Shabad kirtan (Gurbani the need for Khalistan and the history behind it He said that’s an in soldier who laid down their live for the Sikh cause found the Place in history. Similarly the Present freedom fighters will also be remembered by the coming Sikh generation on account of the sufferings and achievements. He said that the sangat of Gurdwara Singh Sabha should be with Panth at this time of need

After the Kirtan the children saluted the Nissan Sahib in the Presence of entire sangat. They sang the Sikh National Anthem. Deh Shiva Bar Mohe which they concluded with Deg Teg Fateh Panth Ki Jeet

  1. Surinder Singh Gill said that the policies of blood and terror Continued dismissal of elected govt. betrayal persecution willful discrimination and refusal to listen to even genuine the assault on the holiest of our shrines false encounters and increased repression led the Sikhs to no option but to demand anti Pendent Sikh state Khalistan by the Sarbat Khalsa gathering on 41386. The formation of Khalistan was declared by the Panthic Committee (Dr Sohan Singh) on 42986. Thereafter the struggle for achievement was undertaken by the Panthic Committee. The state of Punjabis aware zone where our militants are paying the price of Khalistan in blood by fight in against half a million military and paramilitary forces. Thus the sangat of this Gurdwara is proudly celebrating the Khalistan day for which thousands of our brother and sisters died for this sacred cause.

The document of declaration of Khalistan announced by the Panthic Committee on 4298¢ was also read out by S. Surinder Singh Gill. The resolution issued by the Panthic Committee was read out by S .Jaspal Singh Chatha to the sangat. The entire proceedings were approved with the loud Jakaras by the sangat.

 FREMONT: As salute to Nishan Sahib by five piaras (baptize Sikhs) followed by young boy: singing Deh Shiva Var Mohan Shaba Kamen Sa Na Laran and the Ardas (prayer) given by Jagi Singh priest of Fremont Gurdwara began the day for Sikhs in Fremont.

Afterwards the Sangat and Jag Singh recited kirtan and the Deh Shiva (Shabad) and raised their voices in Raj Karaga Khalsa poem for martyrs was read b} Balwinder Singh and a lecture was presented by _ Harminder S. Somana. In his lecture Bhai Somana gave the background to the Khalistan declaration of 4/29 86. He referred to the promise made by Hindu leaders at the time of the 1947 partition. Those promises were never kept. Ever Mahatma Gandhi thought of as man of peace worldwide insulted the Sikhs by saying that Gur Gobind Singh was a man of violence.

The Indian govt issued a circular saying that Sikhs were criminal and antiSikh activists compare Sikhs to terrorists The Indian Govt used the tactic of divide and conduct getting people interested in Marxism Leninism etc. to divert their attention from Sikhism

These actions finally became too much and in 1978 Sant Jamal Singh Bhindra wala stood against the govt. 1984 was the final blow. After the Golden Temple the first Panthic Committee was formed and they declared Khalistan Liberation.

The purpose of the committee having five members was to end single leadership and present a more unified front.

Stating that when the abuses are to0 much people finally rise up for example the Afghans he said Our time is coming let us unite and make the attempt to have our reams fulfilled.”

The groups were honored to also have Bhai Dhana Singh a member of the original Panthic Committee who now lives in the US after seeking asylum from the Indian Govt.

He gave the background of the committee the frustration of unfulfilled promises and the hurt and anger of the many Sikh victims. He explained that there have been many sacrifices but we have not achieved our goals.

I am important for expatriate Sikhs to recognize their obligation to Khalistan We appeal for cooperation from militants and from our Sikh women. It’s from women that the Khalsa saint soldiers are born. His speech ended with the Sangat raising Khalistan Zindabad slogans.

Dr. Amarjit Singh of the Khalistan Affairs center was also one of Fremont’s distinguished speakers In a brief background statement he told what had been achieved in the last six years Saying “today everywhere people are celebrating Khalistan declaration Day. In the past six years we have seen the media labels go from terrorist to militants to freedom fighters.”

He gave special recognition to the Fresno students saying he was proud” of the group and had that movement was in “the hands of intellectuals.” Urging that Sikhs become a living example of the words” when an action kills sown they don’t live through the night he gave the examples of the USSR and now Afghanistan.

He explained that since Sikhs don’t believe in the rule of one person he Panthic Committee was made up of five members. Maybe the five are not the original but even though people change the Concept and principles remain the same. .

 He condemned the Indian govt in expect to Bibi Amandeep easier Bis Gilani {incarcerated in New York) saying Beant Singh is basically a crook man who has said “human rights ups are inhuman” we ask what kind of man is this? To true Sikhs Khalistan is easy to understand. We are determined to have the rule of pure Khalsa “The evil rule of the Brahmins will end. Khalsa will be a place where no injustices will be done. We appeal to all foreign people to also support this movement.”

Then the resolutions read by Balbir Singh were passed unanimously. The Akal academy students then recited kirtan.


May 31-992: Hundreds of the faithful were present to watch and participate in the ceremony   commemorate Khalistan Declaration Day. Five piaras presented “Nishan Sahib” the Sangat stood to salute and sing Shabad. Amarjit S.Tan Kabul Singh of the Sikh Youth of America and Jaspal Singh Secretary of Sikh Cultural Society of New York led the voices in chants of “Khalsa Zindabad.”!

Jaspal Singh introduced De Sohan Singh of the Panthic Committee and a leader of the militant movement in Punjab. The Dr said “Militants are marching towards Khalistan.” A poem was read by Bharpur Singh to remember the martyrs. Kabal said the importance of Declaration day is awareness of the evil tactics of the Brahmin. People know how the Govt is but sill we can achieve Khalistan. It will come sooner if we become baptized followers of Gobind Singh. We should be concerned about establishing a Khalsa school within the next year.” The president Jatinder Singh then read the 11 resolutions which passed unanimously with loud cries of “Khalistan Zindabad!”

Bhai Harbhajan Singh of the W.S.O. spoke questioning the Sangat said “Do we have a choice besides Khalistan? How can you trust a democracy where thousands of Sikhs have been killed? Today Hindus are buying   destroy a mosque to make a temple (Ayodhya). Tomorrow they will claim the Golden Temple too.

Then the 11 resolutions were read the Bhog of Guru Granth Sahib recited and Bhai Giani Gurdip Singh gave the Katha (sermon).

Later a booklet of the Declarations was presented to the Sangat.

SEATTLE: 5-3-92 As Sangats across the county began the day with “Deh Shiva” Sikhs here too remembered the martyrs of Khalistan Bhai Narinder Pat Singh of the Sikh Youth of America read the Khalistan resolutions which were loudly greeted with “Khalistan Zindabad” and “Bole So Nihal” Gurinder Singh read the message sent by the Panthic.

Committee which explained the situation in Punjab and made the request that all Sikhs be baptized and follow Guru Gobind Singh Mr Amarjit S. Kang explained in particular paragraph 3 article 21 of the book by the U.N.O. on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights according to this the Punjab Govt has no right to stay in power. After the lectures the Sangat received copies of the Declaration Day resolutions.

WSN salutes the many com: munities who held ceremonies for Khalistan Declaration Day among those were On April 26 Sikh Center of the Gulf Coast Houston TX. Guru Nanak Foundation Maryland Gurdwara of West minister Canada the Sikhs of LA met at the LA Convention Hall On 4/29 Cal. State Univ. Fresno CA. On 5/2 Terra Buena Gurdwara Yuba City CA on 53 the Gurdwaras of Fremont CA Selma CA Dakota Ave Gurdwara Fresno Gurdwara Nanak Sar Turlock CA Livingston CA Dallas TX Guru Gobind Singh Foundation Maryland and Surrey Montreal and Edmonton Canada.

1) We appeal to U.N.O. and its member states to recognize the existence of Khalistan because on April 281986 Khalsa Panth made a declaration for an independent Khalistan Nation. The Gentle land of Khalistan is occupied by a foreign administration that is violating citizen’s human rights and is guilty of other atrocities. This occupying force will never be forgiven and all responsible will be tried in Khalistan under U.N. Guide Lines and based on the Nuremburg trials

2) Khalsa Panth repeats its pledge to sacrifice their Tan Man Dhan (Body Mind Wealth) for the liberation of Khalistan following the Khalistan declaration of April281986.

3) In memory of Khalistan Martyrs we repeat our resolve that nobody will be allowed to benefit personally. So called Sikh leaders looking for compromise are warned the nation is watching their every move nothing less than Khalistan will be acceptable tours.

 4) Foreign governments are requested that they should not get trapped by false Indian propaganda. The International community should bring the brutal Indian government to trial.

 5) US. Government is requested to free Bhai Ranjit Singh Gill and Bhai Sukhminder Singh Sandhu without any restrictions they have been imprisoned in New York jail for the last five years. We pray to the almighty for Chardi Kala (Spiritual uplift) in England Romania Canada and other counties.

6) Khalistan citizens are appreciated who have successfully boycotted the election on the Panthik Comminutes call. Khalsa living abroad will always share ups and down ins with their Sikh brothers in Khalistan

7) Amnesty International is thanked for exposing the Indian government’s atrocities in 1992. We praise the work done by Punjab Human Rights Organization Citizens for Democracy and other Human Rights Organizations. Arrest of Justice Ajit Singh Bains and Gurbhajan Singh Gill officials of Human Rights Organizations is condemnable and we ask for their immediate release.

8) The Role of women in this commendable. The killing of Bibi Amandeep Kaur The Sikh nation will get justice for their Shahid.

9) Nations fighting for freedom under the ULN.s Right of Self Determination doctrine have our full support. We fully support the freedom movements of Kashmiris Tamils Assameses and Shark and is in the Indian sub-continent The Independent Khalistan government will help the nations to achieve their goals.

10) Khalsa living abroad is requested to solve their mutual problems amicably and to strive to have Gurdwara Elections unanimous. Do not waste our nations in its hours of need. Khalsa panchayat are a model for deciding disputes.

11) Role and guidance provided by Panthik Committee and its supporting organizations (Khalistan Commando Force Khalistan Liberation Force Bhindran wala Tiger Force and Sikh Student Federation) is appreciated. We appreciate the services of all other originations who are participating in the liberation of Panth. May Guru Kalgidhar (Tenth Guru) help his Khalsa and may Khalsa Panth enjoy the full flush of freedom in liberated Khalistan Tike other free nations.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 15, 1992