Bhubaneswar — The Prime Minister, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, on Thursday disclosed that the Government had information about a former Janata minister holding talks with ‘“‘Khalistani’’ leaders in America and England.

Mr. Gandhi who was addressing a large gathering here late in the evening on Thursday said that the Janata minister had meals with so-called Khalistani leaders in these countries and talked about breaking up the country.

The Janata minister had also collected some money from the leaders in the United States, he said. The Prime Minister, however, did not name the leader who was “a member of the Janata

Cabinet between 1977 and 1980.”

The Janata party has all along supported and abetted Akali activities, he said. Two Janata leaders had visited the Golden Temple and said that there were no arms and ammunitions in it. But after the Army raid on the Temple arms and ammunitions were found there. He, however, did not disclose that the arms and ammunitions were planted there by the army itself in order to give substance to the baseless charge of projecting peaceful Sikh struggle as an armed insurgency.







Article extracted from this publication >>  March 8, 1985