New Delhi: The minister of state for external affairs Mr. K.R. Narayanan told the RAjya Sabha on November 29th that there appear to be some type of Pakistani complicity in the attack on two senior Indian diplomats by few Canadian Sikhs in in a gurdwara in Lahore last Tuesday. Replying to clarification sangat by members from all sides on the subject made earlier in the day in the Lok Sabha, he said that this was the obvious conclusion after the careful assessment of the circumstances leading to the incident. Besides there was a great deal of regret by Pakistan in providing proper security to the Indian diplomats the minister remarked. He said that Mr. Rajiv Gandhi will take up the matter with General Zia ul Haq during the Pakistan President’s visit here next month. Mr. Narayanan informed the house that six of the culprits were arrested by Pakistan authorities at India’s instance. They are waiting to see what action they will take to punish them as this will be the test of their seriousness.


Article extracted from this publication >>  December 6, 1985